Test 3 Review -

Kin 350 Biomechanics


Test 3 is cumulative- make sure to study topics from the first two tests as well. Topics from the first 2 tests will account for approximately 33% of the points. Information after the second midterm will comprise the other approximately 67% of the points.  Approximately 30% or the test will be math problems.


Topics since the last midterm:



Summation of forces-kinetic link principle

Angular kinematics - vt = wr


Levers- 3 types

Newton's Rotary laws

Angular momentum

Moment of Inertia

Methods of generating twist

Centripetal and centrifugal forces

Center of gravity and stability

Stability and gait

Standing posture (curvatures of the spine)

Muscle imbalances

Back pain and dermatomes


Ground Reaction Forces

Gait Analysis

Ice Skating Videos

Rotation problems since the last midterm

Upper extremity injuries

Rotator cuff mechanics

Lower extremity mechanics

Lab material since the last midterm


Anything I’ve forgotten?