Marine Biology (Freshman Seminar for First Year Experience)
Section 22 CLASS SCHEDULE for Fall 2005
Meets on Fridays from 9:00 - 11:40 A.M. in Stevenson 3049

Subject & Activities

Fri., Aug. 26

  • Welcome & Intro to class
  • Meeting each other: Lifeline exercise
  • Marine Biology: your interests?
  • Learning as a lifelong process
  • Always be on time for classes!
  • Friday afternoon/Saturday Field Trips
  • Film: The Blue Planet: Tidal Seas

1. Purchase Steinbeck's Cannery Row, Mac's Marine Invertebrate card, Freshman Guide and a 3-ring binder (available in the SSU Bookstore).

2. Write an autobiographical essay (typed).

3. Begin Writing in Your Journal.

4. Take "Finding Books Workshop" in Schultz Library by Sept. 15th!

Fri., Sept. 2

  • Career exploration and/or finding topics of interest for research
  • Form Your Discussion Groups (4 students) and Research Groups (2 students)!
  • Decide on "Ground Rules" for Discussions
  • Scavenger Hunt: What's Going on on campus??
  • Film: The Blue Planet: The Deep

1. Autobiographical essay due! (typed)

2. Be sure you are reading Cannery Row.

Fri., Sept.9

  • Developing Positive Relationships
  • Time Management skills
  • Creating a Timetable that works
  • Planning Field Trips to the Marine Environment

1. Find a book on your tentative research topic in the Schultz Library before Sept. 18.

2. Remember your 1st Advising Appointments!

3. Take "Finding Articles Workshop" in Schultz Library by Sept. 29th!

Sept. 9: Last day to Add and Drop Classes (with prorated refund of fees)
Sept. 23: Last day to Drop with 'W' (by petition)
Sept. 23 - - Nov. 11 Petition to Withdraw from a Class w/$20 administrative fee (due to serious and compelling reasons)
Sept. 26: Last day to change Grading Basis (must do this on-line)

Fri., Sept.16

  • You, Your Community, College: Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Academic Success: How to do your best!
  • College and Your Personal Values
  • Study Skills: What are they? How do you develop ones that work for you?
  • Knowing Your Rights: Anti-discrimination Presentation

1. Hand in your first journal entries

2. Prepare a one-page Response Paper on a marine biology themed article you find.

Fri., Sept. 23

  • NO Class because we will (hopefully) have a Seal Watch Saturday Field Trip on Sept.24
    Meet vans @ 9 a.m. at Zinfindel

Work on your Timetable

Fri., Sept. 30

  • SAFE Presentation
  • Healthy Choices; Sexual Safety

1. Hand in your journal entries

2. Timetables Due!

3. Prepare a one-page Response Paper on an ocean/marine biology related article.

Fri., Oct.7

  • Drugs and Alcohol Issues: Tammy Cotter
  • Alcohol 101
  • How is your life going?
  • Communication in relationships

Instructions for the Midterm Exam

Fri.,. Oct. 14

  • Field Trip to Bodega Bay
    Meet vans at Zinfindel at 9:00 a.m.
  • Bring water and a snack
  • Respect and Responsibility

1.. Read Multicultural Handout

2. Remember your 2nd Advising Appointments!

Fri., Oct. 21

  • Power and Privilege Exercise (?)
  • Disability Breakfast Lunch Preparation Exercise
  • Living in a Multicultural World - What does this mean to you?
  • Hate Stops Here


1. Abstracts for Presentations Due

2. Prepare a one-page Response Paper on an ocean/marine biology related article.

Fri., Oct. 28

  • Diversity: Panel Discussion
  • Celebration of Diversity (with refreshments)

Take Kiersy-Bates Test before next Fri.

Fri., Nov. 4

  • Career Center workshop: Career Mosaic inventory!
  • Discussing Results of Kiersy-Bates Test
  • Work Together on Group Projects


Fri., Nov. 11

  • Guest Speaker: Anti-Discrimination Presentation
  • Teacher-Student Connection: Why is it important?
  • Skits

Midterm Exams DUE.

Fri., Nov. 18

  •  Field Trip TBA

1. 1Interview a Faculty Member

2. Completed Career Packet Due!

2. Work on your Research & Presentations

Fri., Nov. 25


Fri., Dec. 2

  • Resource Center Tour, Salazar. first floor
  • Your Group Presentations!

1. Faculty Interview Due!

2. Be ready for your Oral Presentation today.

3. Prepare a one-page Response Paper an ocean/marine biology related article.

Fri., Dec.9


  • Your Group Presentations!
  • Last Day of the Freshman Seminar: Party!

1. Be ready for your Oral Presentation today.

2. Bring your Words of Wisdom ("Pearls of Wisdom" for next year's freshmen.

Fri., Dec 16

  • Final Examination

Please Note: Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class!

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Marilyn I. Cannon, Aug18, 2005