Ellen B. Carlton, Ph.D.

Department of Kinesiology
Sonoma State University


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Classes I Teach
Kinesiology MA Program


Office Information
Physical Education 25
Office phone: 707.664.3918
Office hours: Monday 2-5 PM

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General Information

Areas of Specialization:

Sport Psychology
Exercise Psychology
Coaching Theory
Computer applications in Physical Education
Personal Coaching
Moral Development in Sport
Motor Learning

Campus Activities:

Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology
Coordinator of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDS)
Graduate Council Committee
California Faculty Association


B.A. Criminology, University of California at Berkeley
M.S. Kinesiology and Physical Education, California State University Hayward
Ph.D. Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of California at Berkeley


I've been a competitive tennis player since the age of 12. As an adult I have focused mainly on playing doubles and currently ranked 13th in the nation in women's 50's doubles.

I enjoy playing most organized sports, some more than others. I try to learn a new motor skill every year or two. This has led to getting SCUBA certified in 2002, taking surfing lessons in 2005 and a trip to Australia in explore lawn bowling.


Classes I Teach

KIN 305
Psychological Bases of Human Movement
  KIN 404
Theory of Coaching: Peak Performance

KIN 497
Research Forum


 KIN 307
Computer Applications in Physical Education

KIN 505
Seminar in Psychological Bases of Human Movement

  KIN 330A
Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education

 KIN 101
Walk, Jog, Run


 KIN 101
Relaxation and Stress Reduction



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