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Family Therapist
Women in Psychology Satir Page. Thumbnail biography. (Click on link at bottom for bios of other women in psychology and related disciplines.)

Family Therapy. Thumbnail "therapist profile" of Satir.

In-Depth biography. This is excellent. Click on blue box links at bottom of page to go to different sections.

Virginia Satir. A list of her books with brief summaries.

A Tribute to the Most Marvelous Virginia Satir. A very nice introduction by Lynn Namka, with a

Social Work: A Work of Heart. The Satir Model. A good short collection of .brief inspirational writings by Satir. There is some overlap with the site just above.

Virginia Satir Quotations. Two quotations and a wealth of other women's history items from
the History Net.

Virginia Satir: The Patterns of her Magic, by Steve Andreas. Review of the book.

Yes, Virginia, There are Functional Families, by Lynne Namka. An interesting brief essay on Satir's ideas and work.

AVANTA: The Virginia Satir Network

The Satir Systems Development Programs

Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba. Biography, programs, quotations, etc.

Institute for International Connections. Based on Satir's work.



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