posted 5-23-05 by Victor Daniels

Confucius. A thumbnail summary by Richard Hooker.

Confucianism. Another thumbnail, this one by Judith Berling.

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia's entry on Confucius, with many useful internal links.

Keith Amman's tribute to Confucius, with numerous internal links.

Confucius entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, by Jeffrey Riegel. Well-organized.

The Analects. Stephen McIntyre's full-text translation of Confucius' best-known work.

Confucius Publishing Company's multi-lingual website. Features an interesting if somewhat glorified biography, and excerpts from several of his works and the full text of the Lun Yu.. I like the style and clarity of the translations. Some of the website's scroll bars don't work on my computer. Be sure to choose English or you will get Chinese.

Confucian Classics. The language of these translations by James Legge sound a little archaic, but include texts not otherwise widely available online.

Confucius -- K'ung-fu-tzu, by Kelly Ross. A wealth of scholarly information. Interpretations of some key concepts differ from those by Archie Bahm contained in my lecture notes. Shows the Chinese pictograms from which varied English translations are made.

Ethics of Confucius, Mencius, and Xun-zi

Confucius and Socrates: The Teaching of Wisdom. By Sanderson Beck.
Fairly comprehensive, I like Beck's style, and this is the only place where I've seen Confucius and Socrates compared.

The Quotations Page has many quotes from Confucius. (It will try to put several advertising cookies for other sites into your computer.)