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Erich Fromm. The Columbia Encylopedia.. A thumbnail bio. Just a taste.
Illuminations biography by Daniel Kellner
The Legacy of Erich Fromm, by Daniel Burston. Short but good. A different perspective on Fromm.
Fromm at George Boeree's site. A biography and summaries of Escape From Freedom, ideas on families, personality types, and evil.
The International Erich Fromm Society. The central resource on Erich Fromm. Bios, many online articles.
The Two Voices of Erich Fromm: The Prophetic and the Analytic. Long and insightful article by Michael Maccoby, who worked closely with Fromm.
Erich Fromm: Freedom and alienation, and loving and being in education. Ideas on educational practice. Very well written.
Erich Fromm, Feminism, and the Frankfurt School. Douglas Kellner. At the Illuminations site.
The Marxist Writer's Archive. Several articles by Fromm with that have a socialist perspective.
Excerpts from The Art of Loving at .Read a little from Fromm's biggest popular bestseller.
Six Quotations from Fromm at Fromm penned many very quotable lines.
The Erich Fromm room. One eloquent quote.
Fromm at Many good quotes from Fromm.
Fromm in the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Links to almost everything.
Lecture Notes on Erich Fromm at this Site  
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