Victor Daniels' Website in

The Psychology Department at

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Art Warmoth's study guide at SSU for History of Modern Psychology
George Boeree's electronic textbook. Excellent summaries of many historical figures in personality theory.

Classics in the History of Psychology Full-text articles of historical interest, and links to articles at other sites

Gestalt Psychology Links. The Gestalt theoretical psychology page.
Kurt Lewin Links. Lewin's work, and contemporary writers on "action research."
Behavioral and cognitive behavioral approaches
Sigmund Freud and Mainstream Psychoanalysis A wealth of resources.
Carl Jung links. Step into the fascinating world of Jung's analytical and archetypal psychology
Erich Fromm links. Explore his expansive ideas, from personality and history to sociocultural transformation.
12-03-03 American Psychological Association writing style guide  
Lecture Notes and Summaries at this Site