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Tom Greening's Home Page. From the editor of J. of Humanistic Psychology
John Rowan's online introduction to humanistic psychology.
The Association for Humanistic Psychology Home Page
  Alfred Adler's "Individual Psychology." Lecture notes  
  James Bugenthal, Summary  
  Charlotte Bühler Links  
  Paolo Freire's liberation pedagogy, Summary.
  Erich Fromm's psychology and social philosophy. Lecture and Links
  Karen Horney's social and humanistic psychoanalysis. Lecture  
  Sidney Jourard on self disclosure and other topics. Summary.  
  Carl Jung's Archetypal Psychology. Lecture, Summary, and Links. 
  R.D. Laing's existential psychiatry. Summary and Links.  
  Carmen Lynch on categories of relationships. Lecture.  
  Abraham Maslow. Lecture and Links.  
  Rollo May. Lecture and Links.  
  Fritz Perls and Gestalt Therapy. Lectures, Summaries, Links.  
  Wilhelm Reich's somatic psychology Lecture  
  Carl Rogers' and Client-Centered Psychology. Summary, Links.
Virginia Satir's humanistic family therapy. Links.
  Martin Seligman's "Positive Psychology." Links.  
Thomas Szasz's critique of psychiatry Links.
  glossary of existential terms  
3-15-05 American Psychological Association writing style guide