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Sites selected and recommended by Spring 2004 Psychology 447 Class


Eliot Aronson's jigsaw classroom. A unique learnimg method designed to encourage cooperation among learners (and workers) from diverse backgrounds.

  Summerhill School. A historic experimental school in England based on thoroughging democratic and participatory decisionmaking.
  Community Library. The page on Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning problems.
  John Shindler's home page. Paragon Learning Style Inventory, Classroom management resource page, and Teaching Resource Page
  Guided Imagery in the Classroom. By Art Johnson at the In Context site
Waldorf Education Q & A. Introduction to Waldorf Education..
Waldorf Homeschoolers. Valuable learning resources from Waldorf Educatin
Montessori Education. Numerous sites about this remarkable approach.
Esalen Institute's Statement of Purpose. Describes the Institutes goals and approaches.
Confluent Education with Native Americans. Scroll down toward the bottom of the study for some ofr the more interesting points.
ProTeacher Home Page. A wealth of resources and links, including Teaching Practices, Classroom Management, Child Emotional Development, and tips and materials for teaching almost every subject, from math to drama.
  ProTeacher Classroom Behavior Management. An excellent resource on this specific topic.
  Heinz Kohut's Self-Psychology Website. A variation of the object relations approach
  Ivan Illich: Educator & Social Critic. Eulogies & full-texts of many of Illich's writings
The HANDLE Institute. Remarkable behavioral treatments for neurological learning disorders
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