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  Native American Healing. A fine collection of links to Native healing traditions and other aspects of native culture, with descriptive summaries.
American Indian Spirituality and Sacred Rituals. Purplehawk's brief introductions to various aspects of Native life, with flute music.

American Indian Culture Research Center. Emphasis on the Dakota peoples. Describes core Dakotan values and beliefs like courage, generosity, respect, wisdom, and relation to key places on the land. Examples of Dakotan mythology

  Rogerian Humanistic Methods in Native American Education and Social Action, by Royal Alsup. A Native American psychologist offers an insightful application of Carl Rogers' approach in the Native context.
  A Summary of Native American Religions. Portraits of the Iroquois, Apache, & Sioux, showing interesting differences.
  Religious Traditions of the Micmac of Newfoundland, by Hans Rollman.The mythology of one small tribe. There is some parochial language, but the stories are entertaining and portray Native values.
  Selling American Indian Spirituality "Cheating Us, Cheating Them." A native woman points out that you can't "buy" native traditions in a weekend workshop; you have to learn to live them over time through contact with traditional native peoples.
  Religious Emphasis on historical information..
El Centro College's History Department American Indian Links Page. Links to many aspects of Native American Culture.
Recollections of the Peyote Road, by George Morgan. A whiteman's experience with Native American Church ceremonies and the insights they gave him into Sioux life and culture.
  The American Indian Movement (AIM). An influential political organization toward which the U.S. Government has at times gone to great lengths to try to suppress. (For me sometimes this comes up with Explorer but not with Netscape.)