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Grolier Encyclopedia. One good paragraph.
Phenomenology. One page: Husserl, Heidegger, & the French phenomenologists.
"Five Phenomenologists." A brief article with a wider range than those above.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's phenomenology entry, with six major subheadings. This is a good comprehensive summary and overview.
Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology. Contemporary work and thought.Start with their "What is phenomenology?" page.
Phenomenology Online. A comprehensive site with "map" of interelated aspects of phenomenology. Extensive links to full text sources, philosophers & scholars in this area, glossary, e-journals, and other web resources.
Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center at Duquesne University Library. A rich archive of phenomenological studies and other relevant resources.
Phenomenology at the University of Alberta. Downloadable papers on phenomenology, with emphasis on hermeneutic and transcendental phenomenology.Oon the U of A home page, type "phenomenology" in the rectangle to the left of the "Go" square and click "Go.".
The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. With abstracts and downloadable pdf files of articles about phenomenology and articles applying the method to diverse subjects.
The World Phenomenology Institute
The Romanian Society for Phenomenology. The most valuable feature of this site may be the International Phenomenology Database. Scroll down to near bottom of first page for the link.
Amedeo Giorgi: Descriptions of Conceptions of Learning. Paper by a leading contemporary phenomenologist.
The Soulmate Experience. Brief report of a study using Giorgi's method of inquiry.
Relatives of Elderly Nursing Care Patients. Brief summary of a study using Giorgi's method.
The Centre for Qualitative Research. Empirical phenomenology in the computer age.
Steven Lehar's Gestalt Phenomenology of conscious experience. A profound contemporary thinker in the area of visual perception. Choose between clever cartoons or scholarly papers.
G.W.F. Hegel: The Phenomenology of Mind, translated by J.B. Baillie
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Phenomenology was one of Hegel's interests.
The Husserl Page. Life and work of the founder of the school of phenomenology.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty links. Sites related to this important phenomenological thinker.
Ereignis.Martin Heidegger in English
Artefact. A collection of a series of essays on Heidegger, mostly by Michael Eldred. A few papers are on Marx, Levinas and other subjects.

Sylvia Crocker: Spirituality, Dialogue, and the Phenomenological Method. An article in the online journal Gestalt!

Arie Cohen and Victor Daniels: "Review of Literature: Responses to 'Empirical and Hermeneutic Approaches to Phenomenological Research in Psychology, A Comparison.' A review in the online journal Gestalt!
Circulo Latinoamericano de Fenomenología. Recursos en el Español al UNAM.