Best of Village France • July/August 2001 • Julie Dinkins

My sister, Shari, and I hatched a plan to take a trip to Europe. Originally our third sister, Dawn, was going to join us, but family obligations prevented her from leaving for a three week stint. Our Mom, Garree, had died June 19, 2000 and we knew she'd approve of us spending part of her pension traveling. Mom loved to travel and she and I traveled to Great Britain together twice. She was such a lot of fun!

So, why the heck did we pick Rick Steves' Tours? I'd first read "Europe Through the Back Door" way back in 1980, when I went on my first European vacation. I really liked Rick Steves' travel philosophy and I'd checked out the website a few years ago. I knew that Rick now offered tours, so I told Shari to check out the site and that I'd go on any of the Rick Steves' tours. Her first choice was Village France. And what a great choice it was! I highly recommend this tour. Our tour guide knew just everything about France. His love for the country was infectious and his enthusiasm contagious. Oops, didn't mean to make him sound like a disease! He's a great guy and I'd love to travel with him again! We also had a fabulous assistant guide and bus driver, who were loads of fun. And the type of people attracted to Rick's tours are an energetic and fun-loving bunch. They were great traveling companions. I hope I'll get to travel with some of them again.

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06/30/01 Shari, Jim and Joe at San Francisco International Airport
Shari, Joe and Julie at SFO, which is never boring no matter how many hours you spend there.
The intrepid travelers, Shari and Julie. Bring it on, man! We're ready!
07/02/01 Versailles, France. Yes, just the exterior of Versailles, as it's closed on monday! That's what you get when you read the guide book enroute to your destination instead of beforehand.
Versailles, France. Bet it's nice inside. But, I wouldn't know.
Fountain at Versailles. We purposefully planned not to be there when the fountains were running. Thanks for asking.
Shari and the gardens at Versailles. So what if we didn't get so see the interior. The gardens rock! And it was nice and peaceful.
Our fabulous room at the Hotel Chatelet in Chartres. Next to the big bed is the tiny monk bed, crucifix not included.
Chartres Cathedral
Beautiful stained glass inside. No, it's not impressionistic. This is what's known as a "jiggly" shot. (Excuse the technical jargon.)
Buttresses at Chartres.
07/03/01 Chateau de Chenonceau, also called "Chateau de Dames", home of both Catherine de Medici (wife of Henry II) and Diane de Poitier (his favorite mistress). No, they didn't live there simultaneously!

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