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Steve Estes

I was born in Charlotte, NC in 1972. Because my dad was a doctor in the Air Force at the end of the Vietnam War, our family moved to the airbase in Panama City, Florida late in 1972. The family eventually moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where my mom earned an MD-PhD at the Medical University of South Carolina. I graduated from high school in Charleston, and then went to Rice University in Houston, Texas, where I received a BA in History and Economics. After spending a short while working in San Francisco, I went to the University of Georgia for an MA in History and then to the University of North Carolina, where I received a PhD in 2001. Along the way, I worked as an interviewer for the Southern Oral History Program, a counselor at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan, a teacher in the Sunflower County Freedom Project in Mississippi, a researcher at the American Youth Policy Forum in Washington, DC, and a guest curator at the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco. I have been teaching history at Sonoma State University since 2002.

Outside of school and work, I spend a lot of time exploring the Bay Area with my wife Carol and our daughter Zinnia. When I’m not hanging out with Carol and Zinnia, I like to play music and surf. I’ve played guitar and/or bass in several types of bands, ranging from hip hop to country, from metal to indie rock. In terms of surfing, my local break is Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Work and Activism:
American Youth Policy Forum
GLBT Historical Society
Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
Sonoma State University History Department
Southern Oral History Program
Sunflower County Freedom Project
Veterans History Project

To hear some of my first solo accoustic project called "Redneck Machine" (2005) click on one of the tracks below:
1) Snoopy 2) Unsaid 3) Redneck Machine.

To hear music from my second solo project called "Stripmall Songbook" (2014), click on one of the tracks below:
1) Making the Wave 2) Darth Vader of the Trailer Park 3) Obi Wan Coyote

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