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The fix ate my gaze,
Swallowed it whole
Until I saw the world
From the bottom of my well,
A gentle blue disc of sky,
Small, as if seen through
The wrong end of a long telescope.

The last point of skylight
Winked at me electronically
Before flickering out,
Leaving only darkness
Where now I see
The square silhouette,
My enemy.


Kick drum . . . snare drum . . .
Chord strum the electric phallus.
Drop, pop, trip hop
Through echoes and reverb
Dance hall, hole-in-the-wall,
Bathroom stall the free fall.
Eyelid animations fade to black.


Eye Lash
Eyes lash out at the world!
Sear it with your corneal laser.
Raze the Earth with stolen glances.
Iris, pivot, your hollow countenance to the Heavens
Dilate the universe in your pupil’s vast ocean.