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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outlines 15 & 16

The Fear Factory:
Origins of the Cold War & 2nd Red Scare

I. By the Bomb’s Early Light
A. The Decision
B. The Results
C. Atomic Café

II. The American Century
A. The IMF & World Bank (1944)
B. The United Nations (1945)

III. Communism & Containment
A. Truman Doctrine (1947)
B. Marshall Plan (1948-52)
C. NATO (1949)

IV. The 2nd Red Scare (1945-55)
A. National Security Act (1947)
B. Loyalty & Security Program (1947)
C. Robeson & the Rosenbergs (1953)
D. McCarthyism (1950-54)

V. Cold War Culture
A. HUAC vs. Hollywood
B. Blacklisted (Welles, Mostel & Chaplin)
C. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

The Fifties:
Covert Ops & Conformity

I. Korea & Covert Ops
A. Kim Il Sung v. Syngman Rhee (1950-52)
B. Eisenhower’s Victory in Defeat (1952)
C. Arbenz & the Guatemala Coup (1954)
D. Kennedy, Cuba & the Cold War (1959-62)

I. Bay of Pigs
A. CIA & Background
B . Castro Visit & Nixon Meeting (1959)
C . Eisenhower Initiative, Training & Preparation
D . Swan Radio (1960)
E . The Brigade (Cuban Expatriates) & Garcia
G. Invasion (1961)
H. International & Domestic Legacies

III. Suburbanization & the Culture of Conformity
A. GI Bill (‘44) & Federal Highway Act (‘56)
B. Suburbs: Levittown to Orange County
C. David Riesman, Lonely Crowd (1950)
D. C. Wright Mills, White Collar (1951)

IV. Birth of Rock & the TV Nation
A. Variety (Berle & Sullivan)
B. Honeymooners to Ozzie & Harriet
C. Chuck Berry & Elvis Presley

V. Confronting Conformity
A. Bebop & Cool Jazz (Parker & Davis)
B. The Beats (Kerouac & Ginsberg)
C. The Rebels (Brando & Dean)
D. Women of the 1950s?