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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outlines 17 & 18

The Movement (Part I)
The Life & Death of Jim Crow

I. A Segregated Society
A. Integrating Baseball (‘47) & the Army (‘48)
B. Thurgood Marshall & Brown v. Board (‘54)
C. Bates, Faubus, Ashmore & Little Rock (’57)

II. Nonviolent Direct Action
A. Montgomery Buses (1955-56) & SCLC
B. Greensboro Sit-Ins (1960) & SNCC

III. Freedom Summer (1964)
A. Background & Goals
B. Mississippi Disfranchisement
C. Goodman, Chaney & Schwerner
D. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

IV. Civil Rights & Washington, DC
A. President John F. Kennedy (1960-63)
B. Randolph & the March on Washington (‘63)
C. President Lyndon Johnson (1963-68)
D. Civil Rights Act (1964)
E. Voting Rights Act (1965)

V. Movement Militants
A. Malcolm X
B. Stokely Carmichael, Black Power (1967)
C. Black Panther Party (1966-76)

The Movement (Part II):
Equal Rights for All

I. Asian Americans & Immigration
A. Property and a California Proposition (1946)
B. Immigration & Nationality Acts (1952, ‘65)
C. Diversity Is Power?

II. Mexican American Rights
A. LULAC (1929)
B. Mendez v. Westminster (1947)
C. braceros & mojados
D. “Operation Wetback” (1954)

III. Chicano Activism
A. David Sanchez & the Brown Berets (1967)
B. Blowouts & Bilingual Education (1968)

IV. César Chávez & the United Farm Workers
A. César's Childhood
B. Migrant Work
C. Naval Service

V. A Movement Life
A. United Farm Workers
B. Strike and Fast
C . Significance: Gaining respect, wages, better working conditions, and representation for migrant workers.

VI. American Indian Rights
A. “Termination”(1954-62)
B. Klamaths (OR) & Paiutes (UT)
C. American Indian Movement (AIM) ‘68
D. Alcatraz (1969-71) & US v. Wheeler (1978)

VII. Sisters in the Struggle & Gay Liberation
A. Friedan’s Feminine Mystique (1963)
B. National Organization for Women (1966)
C. Radical Feminism & Consciousness Raising
D. Stonewall & the Gay Liberation Front (1969)
E. Marriage, Civil Unions, or “Partnerships”