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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outlines 1 & 2

Course Introduction

I. Course Objectives & Requirements
A. Objectives
B. Attendance
C. Reading & Discussion
D. Presentation or Oral History Paper
E. Grading

II. Andrew Johnson (17th US President)
A. Born 1808, Raleigh, NC
B. Home Schooling?
C. Pol-ee-tiks

III. The Civil War (1861-65)
A. Rich Man’s War; Poor Man’s Fight
B. Military Governor of Tennessee (1862-64)
C. Vice President (1864-65)

IV. Presidential Reconstruction
A. Lincoln’s Plan (1863)
B. Johnson’s Amnesties & Pardons (1865)
C. White Supremacy
D. Impeachment Crisis

V. Andy Johnson Cartoons

VI. Annotated Bibliography
A. Who is the author?
B. What is the main argument or slant?
C. What are the sources used?

Radical Reconstruction:
How “Radical” Was It?

I. Surrender Without Defeat
A. Appomattox (1865)
B. Black Codes (1865-66)
C. Ku Klux Klan (1866-72)

II. Radical Reconstruction
A. 40 Acres & a Mule?
B. The Freedmen’s Bureau
C. Military Reconstruction Act (1867)
D. 14th and 15th Amendments
E. Women’s Suffrage?

III. The View from the Bottom Rail
A. Remembering Slavery & Freedom
B. Oral History: Promise & Problems
C. Susan Hamlin/Hamilton

IV. Free At Last?
A. Mobility & Marriage
B. Education & Religion
C. Land & Labor (sharecropping)
D. Republican Rule (1867-1876)