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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outline 21

Globalization & Its Discontents

I. The New World Order
A. Gorbachev, glasnost & the Cold War’s End
B. War and Peace in the Middle East

II. Clinton’s Consensus (1992-2000)
A. Free People or Free Trade
B. Milosevic & Balkanization (1995-99)
C. Human Rights Watch (1978)
D. NAFTA (1994)

III. Seattle WTO Protests (1999)
A. World Trade Organization (WTO)
B. General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (1947-94)
C. WTO has 144 member nations
D. Free Trade "Watchdog"

IV. Battle in Seattle (1999)
A. Corporate Funded Meeting (Microsoft & Boeing)
B. Protestors: AFL-CIO, Greenpeace, National Farmers C. Unions, Global Exchange, etc.
D. The Causes
E. The Crack Down & Corporate Culture

V. Globalization’s Promise
A. The “New Economy” & Silicon Valley
B. The “New Media” & MTV Nation (1981)
C. New Americans & Immigration
D. Foreign Born Californians (2000)
E. Continent of Birth for Immigrants, 1990-2000
F. Racial/Ethnic Diversity (2000)

VI. Globalization’s Discontents
A. World Trade Center (2001)
B. The War on Terror