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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outlines 5 & 6

Go West Young Man!

I. All That Glitters . . .
A. 49ers & Hell-dorados
B. Western Federation of Miners (1892)

II. Mormons & Mexicanos
A. Brigham Young Founds “Deseret” (1847)
B. United States v. Reynolds (1879)
C. Fight for the Borderlands
D. The Santa Fe Ring
E. Estevan Ochoa (1870s)
F. Las Gorras Blancas (1880s-90s)

III. Home on the Range
A. Joseph McCoy, Cattle Baron
B. Indian Cowboys & Vaqueros
C. Women on the Range
D. Cattle Drives, RRs & Mining Towns

IV. America’s Breadbasket
A. Immigrants
B. Farm Life & Labor (Oliver Dalrymple)
C. Agribusiness & the California Cornucopia

V. Nature’s Majesty & Misery
A. William F. Cody: A Western Life
B. Making a Living in the West
C. Breaking into Show Business (1872)
D. Ned Butline & “Scouts of the Plains”
E. Wild West Show (1883)

VI. The Basics
--Who: Bill Cody, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley
--What: The Wild West Show (1880s-1910s)
--When: 1846-1917
--Where: Born in Iowa, Kansas & parts West --Historical Significance: Contributed to creation of the romantic image of the American West.

Robber Barons:
Big Business & Gilded Age Society

I. Necessity’s Sons
A. Bell’s Telephone (1876)
B. Edison’s Light Bulb (1879)
C. Mechanization & Mass Production

II. Big Business & Big Businessmen
A. Vertical & Horizontal Integration
B. Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)
C. John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

III. Luxury & Leisure in the Gilded Age
A. Conspicuous Consumption
B. Middle Class Gentility
C. Mass Consumer Culture
D. Albert Spaulding & the National Pastime

IV. Work in the Gilded Age
A. Wage Employment
B. Immigration & Exclusion
C. Depressions (1873-79 & 1893-97)