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US History Since 1865
Lecture Outlines 9 & 10

Manifest Destiny’s Children:
American Imperialism & Neo-Colonialism

I. Global Frontiers & Imperialist Inspiration
A. Turner & the Frontier’s Significance (1893)
B. The Search for New Markets
C. Josiah Strong & Missionary Motivation
D. Mahan & Military Might

II. An American Empire
A. The “Good Neighbor” Policy (1880s)
B. Power in the Pacific (Hawaii, 1890s)
C. China’s Open Door & Boxer Rebellion

III. “A Splendid Little War”
A. Cuba Libre? (1895-1898)
B. Roosevelt’s Rough Riding (1898)
C. Platt Amendment (1901)
D. Aguinaldo & the Philippines (1899)
E. Anti-Imperialist League (1898)
F. Spanish American War Cartoon

IV. Progressive Diplomacy
A. Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” (1901-08)
B. Taft’s “Dollar Diplomacy” (1909-12)
C. Wilson’s Moral Imperative (1913-20)

World War I & the Red Scare

I. War (1914-1918)
A. Central Powers* vs. Triple Entente** (1914)
B. Neutrality & the New Warfare (1914-17)
C. Selling War & Saving Democracy (1917)
D. Selective Service & Segregation (1917)

II. Peace
A. Russian Revolution (1917)
B. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points
C. Peace of Versailles (1919)
D. The League of [Some?] Nations (1919)

III. The Home Front
A. Guns & Business Boom
B. The Great Migration (1914-1920)
C. Woman Suffrage—Catt & Paul (1920)
D. WCTU & Prohibition (1919)

IV. Repression & the Red Scare (1919-20)
A. Fighting Bolshevism
B. Espionage, Sedition & Alien Acts (1917-18)
C. Mitchell Palmer’s Raids (1919-20)
D. Sacco & Vanzetti (1920-27)

*The Central Powers
Ottoman Empire

** The Triple Entente ("Allies")
Russia (until 1917)
Great Britain
USA (after 1917)