Dr. Farid Farahmand: Sonoma State University

ES 442 (CES 540): Analog & Digital Communications
Instructor: Dr. Farid Farahmand
Spring 2015

    Lecture: Mon. & Wed. 5:30-6:45 pm, Salazar 2009A
    Laboratory: Wed. 7:00-8:45 pm, Salazar 2005
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    Office: Salazar 2010
    Phone: (707) 664-3491
    Email: farid dot farahmand at sonoma dot edu

Course Description: Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 3 hours. Mathematical modeling of signals, time and frequency domain concepts, spectral density, components of a communications system, analog signal transmission. AM, FM and PM modulation and demodulation techniques, noise and bandwidth, link analysis. Laboratory work.

Prerequisites:ES 230, and ES 400; or consent of instructor.

Course Textbook: Digital and Analog Communication Systems”, 7th Edition, L. Couch, Prentice Hall, 2007, ISBN-13: 9780131424920.

Lecture Topics and Schedule
Day Lecture Reading Material / Topics to Be Covered Assignment/Activity Due
1/21 Welcome / Syllabus Read the syllabus carefully.  
1/26 Syllabus / Chapter 1
  • Topics: General communication system, channel, guided/unguided medium, cables (AWG, RG), frequency allocation, introduction to system parameters (noise, data rate, SNR), Nyquist Bandwidth, Shannon Capacity Formula, bndwidth, BER
  • Read Chapter 1; skip Sections 1.8 & 1.11;
1/28     Signup for ES 442 Download Piazza - Piazza app is available for smartphone / Bring a folder with your name on it! / Make sure you order the Textbooks / Submit Statement of Ethics / A Folder for all the assignments.
2/2 Chapter 2 -Part A

Topics: Time Average , Dc Value, Power, Instantaneous Power, Average Power, RMS, Normalized Power, Energy And Power Waveforms, Decibel, dBm And dB and dBW, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Phasor Representation

  • Submit the first assignment Homework in Chapter 1
1/4 Chapter2_PartB

Topics: System definition, Fourier Series, introduction to Fourer Transform. Review of Linear Systems, Bandlimited Signals and Noise, Discrete Fourier Transform, Bandwidth of Signals; Linear & Non-linear devices

2/9 Chapter 2 Continued.... Quiz /Homework 1 -C1&2 Signal Characterisitcs
2/11 Chapter 2

Topics: Fourier Transfer, Examples & Properties - (See tutorials below)

2/16   Topics: Fourier Transfer, Examples & Properties - (See tutorials below) - continued; Power Spectral Density; Auto-correlation, Orthogonal Functions. Quiz - Homework 1B- C2 Fourier Series.
2/18 Chapter 2    
2/23 Chapter 2- Part 2 Topics: LTI System characterization, LTI transfer function, Distortionless, Group delay, Phase delay, DFT, FFT Quiz /Homework 2 -C2 Fourier Transform
2/25 System Example: Filters & Transmission lines Topics: Review of transmission lines, Tranfer function of diffentent cables.

Homework 3 - C2 - Filters - Nothing to submit.

3/2 Chapter 5 - AM Modulation Bandpass Filtering and Linear Distortion, Bandpass Sampling Theorem, Received Signal Plus Noise, Classification of Filters and Amplifiers, Nonlinear Distortion, More on AM modulation!

Project - (download file1 & file2)

**3/4 Midterm Up Midterm Midterm
3/9   AM Modualtions


3/11 Chapter 5 - AM Modulation Some AM Problem Example
3/16-18 Spring Break No Class No Class
3/23 Chapter 5 - AM Modulation    
3/31 See Notes  
4/1 Chapter 5  
4/6 Angle Modualtion
  • Quiz / AM modulation (Textbook: 4.1 - 4.3, Review 4.10-4.14); See Schaum's Outline problems) - Study the slides carefully. Make sure you can do the AM modulation assignment.
4/13 Angle Modualtion Notes/Examples on Bessel Function  


4/20 Chapter 4 - Frequency Demodulators Introduciton to Frequency Demodulators: Frequency Discriminators, Differentiators, First Order Linear PLL Models. Quiz Homework 5 - Frequency Demodulators
4/27 Frequency Demodulators PLL - Basic Operation (continued)  
4/29 Receivers (TFR and Superheterodyne)    

FM Transmitters and components - See details of Crosby FM Transmitter

z Quiz/ Homework 6 - Multipliers and Modulators
5/6 Devices and blocks   Final Project - ask your instructor for parts. Read the notes.
**5/13 Final Exam / Submit class evaluation form   In order to be able to take the final exam you are required to bring a snapshot of your Moodle indicating that you have completed the class evaluations.

Make sure you read lab rules!

Laboratory Topics and Schedule
Wk. Lab Reading Material Assignment/Activity Due
0 Syllabus / Lab Policies! Labratory Report Template Watch Matlab Tutorial Video - Read the Matlab Tutorial Manual / Submit the form / Check your boxes


3 Lab0-Matlab / Download this file Understanding waveforms and their spectrum/Using matlab to plot signal spectrum  
4 Lab1- Basic Measurements Understanding waveforms and their spectrum/Using scope and spectrum analyzer.

Lab0-Matlab - is due. Must write all teh questions and answers. All parts must be clearly marked. All figures must have clear descriptions.

5 Lab 2 - BPF and LPF Analysis   Lab1- Basic Measurements - is due
6     Lab2 - BPF and LPF Analysis - is due
8     Lab 3 - AM Modulation
9 Spring Break No Class
10     Lab 4 - AM Demodulator
12     Lab 5 - FM Modulation
14     Lab 6 - FM Demodulator

Please refer to these links for more information on different topics.

Support Documents, Resources, and Links
Lecture Related General

Chapter 1(supplementary material):

Chapter 2 (Fourier Transfer)


Simulink Tutorial - Balanced Demodulator - FM modulation - Secure Resources


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