Assignment 1:

  1. Reading/Review:
  2. Submit the following (Three parts):

NOTE: If you have any questions please use the Moodle discussion page. These questions will be in the quiz! Make sure you understand them!

Assignment 2:


This assignment has three parts. Submit your assignment via Moodle. Please make sure everything is typed!
  1. Redraw the entire network at your home as you did before: You should have something like this - Make sure you clearly specify each device. Identify different interfaces (wire, wireless, fiber). Add the IP address and MAC addresses for all the devices (no more than five) on your network.
    1. You can use configure command on each device. But then, do you figuer out the IP address of your mobile device?
    2. Alternatively, you can use nmap command on one machine. This is what you can do:
      1. Read about nmap first!
      2. Check your machine's IP address (the one you are running nmap on)
      3. Let's say it is Then, you can run the following command: nmap -sn You should see something like this: nmap Results.
      4. There are more sophisticated network scanning tools such as Zenmap. You can download the tool from here. You can watch this video to learn more!
  2. Read about Basic Linux Commands and do PART 2 only.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. Test your upload and download speeds using MLab- which one is faster, upload or download? does it make sense?
      1. Check you upload/download speeds:
    2. Using answer the following questions:
      1. Using PING Utility, what is your IP address?
      2. Using PING, how long does it take for a 64 byte packet to reach and come back to your computer?
      3. What is the IP address of
      4. Using PING, how long does it take for a 64 byte packet to reach and come back to your computer? What is happening?
      5. Let's say I have a business and my connections IP address is, where do you think I live? - use
      6. What is the IP address of when was the Domain Record established? Use
      7. Using can you figure out if TCP PORT 21 on a is open or not? Is it open? What about PORT 22 and PORT 23?
      8. Referring to the port list what is the significance of TCP PORT 21?

Assignment 3:

  1. Read about Basic Linux Commands and do PART 3 only.
  2. Go to Department's Linux Server. Follow the instructions. Show that you have been connected to the server. Try to login and run a shell script. Does it work? Report any issues to Mr. Marivani.


Useful Links:

  1. Google Trends