Read Approaching the Zettabyte Era by Cisco and answer the following questions.

  1. What is "Flash Crowd" referred to? Give an example.
  2. It is estimated that monthly rate of global IP traffic by 2012 will reach about ________ Gigabytes.
  3. Why is the video conferencing is considered to be the most challenging?
  4. In 2012 Internet traffic will generate ________________ Exabyte's.
  5. What does it mean "minority rules" in Internet traffic? Provide an example.
  6. What are examples of non-Internet IP applications?
  7.  From 1994 to 2000 the total U.S. Internet backbone traffic increased from _________________ to ______________ .
  8. Which regions of globe are experiencing the fastest Internet traffic growth?
  9. The online video traffic in U.S. is 2008 contributed to "the YouTube effect" is _______________ Peta-byte per month.
  10. Globally speaking, in 2012, the main reason behind high growth of IP traffic will be due to business or consumer traffic?
  11. In the United States, generally speaking, the way service providers charge for applications (voice, video, etc.) directly depends on traffic volume. (TRUE/FALSE?)
  12. If we transmit 1 Tbps, how much traffic in Gigabyte is being delivered over a single hour?
  13. What is the difference between Metro, Access, and Core networks. Draw a figure showing all three networks. DO not copy from the web sites. You must draw it yourself using VSIO!