Learn about basic Linux Commands


Practice with basic commands in Introduction to Linux lecture first.

Part 1


Read about chmod - Read about LINUX permissions


Part 2


Part 3 - Writing a Shell Script

In this part you are expected to write a Linux Shell Script to perform the following tasks:

  1. Display your IP address
  2. Display your MAC address
  3. Display your HOST name
  4. Save the above information in a file called mynetwork.txt. Note that the created file must only have three lines in it.
  5. use spd-say utility to say your IP address (you can install the utility using sudo apt-get install speech-dispatcher)

Please note that each of the above information must be displayed on a separate line. You can use grep command to display the information; consequently the line may contain additional information.

Note that you must create the script using VI editor. Use these links to learn more about VI: Vi Editor / Vi Commands / The script must be executable on the machines in the lab.


Submission: Nothing needs to be submitted. You must show your script to the instructor for full credit. The intructor must be able to execute your script. No partial credit will be granted.