Getting ready for the Project Proposal Presenation
Please make sure you have the following items eady for the presentation.

____________BEFORE PRESENATION:__________

  1. Make sure you faculty advisor is present!
  2. Make sure BOTH your industry and academic advisors agree with what you are doing! If you do not have the full support of your advisors you will have a hard time convincing anyone else that you have a good project! Show your documents and slides to your advisor. Ask for feedback! Complete the Faculty Advisor Approvals Form to receive grade for EE 492.
  3. Please ask your client to be available if possible. 
  4. Make sure your web page is updated; your web page must include names, project title, & proposal documents. Add some notes about how SRJC students can help your group
  5. Prepare your presentation slides - Use this example: presentationSlides
  6. Practice together; be ready for the presentation. Make sure you have shared your slides with your advisor!
  7. Complete the project document:

__________ AT THE PRESENATION:____________

__________ GRADING:________________________