The following is a list of projects suggested for students. These projects can be implemented using Linux or Windows OS. If you are interested to propose a new idea, please prepare an abstract and contact me for further discussion.

In general, these projects are divided into Hand-on and research projects (Go to Note 1):

Hands-on Project Description
Cluster computing Design and implement a computer cluster using Linux - Use there resources: (Excellent starting materials) (Know the difference between grid and cluster)   (Very useful online book)  (How to build a cluster)
Click HERE for more information
Storage Area Network (SAN) Server  A good tutorial is available HERE
Design a Web cam server WebCam & its application in distance learning 

A roving cam server : The idea is that either the camera or the server is moving. How can you create a roving IP address/ISP so the location of the camera can not be detected?

Design a server/client environment in which multiple clients can run a software connected to an external device - This can help us to develop a virtual laboratory and distance learning. You can combine a web cam and voice server together. Click Here for more information.

Voice-Over-IP / Vioce Server Design and implement or describe VoIP. What are its advantages. Examine its technical issues. How does wireless VoIP work? Can we implement VoIP over the CCSU campus?  Click HERE for more information

Design and implement a voice server to archive interviews and public speeches. This is a very useful project for the library. You can also receive extra credit for this project. - Click HERE for more information

How to use ICE server - You must include high availability.

High availability Create a web server such that if the main server goes down the backup can take over and service will not be discontinued. Some interesting related articles can be found here:
Creating a blog page / web page with security access  

Building a Thin Client Server with LTSP

Configure a Linux Terminal Server Project. LTSP allows you to connect different low-powered thin client terminals to a Linux server. Click HERE for more information
Cell phone based server Using this server you can send a message to the server and the server can send a message back to you. How to deploy full-featured wireless internet applications using your cell phone. This is a good introductory book: Getting Started with WAP and WML 
Linux Projects Description

By many accounts Linux is the world's most powerful operating system. Using this open source OS, a PC, and a series of inexpensive hardware, many interesting projects can be developed. Linux Toys II (Wiley Publishing, November 2005) is the latest book in the Linux Toys series. Check this site for many exciting Toy projects. My favorite projects are the following:

Linux-Router Turn a linux box into a router. Very interesting project Here is a good link.
Python How system administrators can use Payton and GUI interface in Linux - Good article in Linux Pro Magazine Aug. issue. Some basic information can be found here: ; Read "Python Short Course" by Richard Muller.
Automating Home Lights and Gadgets with X10 Although you can use most radio controlled (RC) toy cars for this project, we used Zip Zaps (which you can get from Radio Shack) because we thought they were neat. The more critical component is the Lynx-PORT board from Marrick Limited. You can purchase the LynX-PORT board from

Use the Internet to automate different equipments. No kits are allowed!

Developing a testboard which can be controlled by Linux OS

This project can include building a voltmeter and Oscilloscope using Linux operating box.
Linux Based TiVo How to add a bigger hard drive (for greater recording time), access the TiVo's bash command line, use unsupported command sequences, and share files between your TiVo and your networked personal computer. Particularly neat sections deal with using TivoWeb and putting Caller ID information on-screen. This is a good book to read.
Linux Infrared Remote Control Design a Linux Infrared Remote Control: . Applications of this project include MythTV (homebrew TiVo) Media Changer (xmms, mplayer) Control other iR devices programming Mouse (lircmd) Games controllers
Linux Based Video Projects Useful links: 
Linux Based Toy Projects Useful links:
Linux Based Control Projects Useful links:!INDEX.html
RSS Reader and Feeder Related Projects Useful links:
Linux Based Music Projects Useful links:
Small Linux Machine with External Interface The machine should be able to send an email upon receiving an external interrupt.

USB interface: 

Research Projects Description
Wireless Technology Compare WiMax WiFi, WiFoo, and other available wireless technologies. How can Wi-Fi be improved? Check this article on InspiAir for more info....
Providing Internet accesses to rural area Compare WiMax WiFi, WiFoo, and other available wireless technologies. Examine the challenges and cost issues.
Search Engine Technologies What are available search engines? How does Google perform its searches?
Using the Internet for better education How can internet technology be used for education?
Google Map
Open source software Discuss benefit of open source software. Is there any advantage in converting to Linux OS? Should software be open source and free?
Student Inventors Needed! Click HERE. For more info email me.

Note 1: Here are a number of interesting magazines and journals where you can find good project ideas or article topics: Linux Magazine, Linux User & Developer, Linux Format, Sys Admin, PC Freeware Magazine, PC Utilities


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