Looking Through Windows, Opening Doors

English 343: Youth and Literature

Sandra Harrison Feldman

English 343 Discussion Forum

Spring 2001

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Course Description:

This course is designed to give students a broad reading experience in the area of literature for youth, grades 10-12. The works for the course have been selected from Recomended Literature, Grades Nine through Twelve, published by the California State Department of Education and endorsed by the California Literature Project based at SSU. Both groups have identified great works of literature - literary classics, modern-day classics, and books for recreational reading for high school English- language arts students. This course is designed to enrich the reading experience of students; to help you rediscover the pleasure of reading; to experience vicariously the lives of others of different time periods, places, value systems, and some of the many cultures of the world. Great literature touches hearts and stimulates minds. English 343 is a student-centered, cross cultural literature based course which fulfills the secondary credential in English requirement. The internet component of the course will consist of e-mail and a listserv. I will give you more information on this component the first day of class.


Enjoy this course! I will do everything I can to make this a quality academic experience. Read for pleasure first. Please make suggestions as we move along.


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