Math 360

Spring 2009

Homework, Schedule, Assignments

“V” means Visual Complex Analysis; “B” means Beck's Complex Analysis text at “V2.34” means problem 34 in chapter 2 of V; “B1.13” means exercise 13 in chapter 1 of Beck.

Hand-in problems assigned so far: V1.4, V1.5, V1.6, V1.16, V1.19, V2.1, V2.11, V2.14, V2.19, V2.22,

Due Date


03/04/09, Wed

AC V2.13, MD B1.5, BG B1.13, BL B1.14, GM B1.15,

3/13/09, Fri

JM V2.23, CSi V2.25, CSa V2.27, JS V2.28, YV V2.30

3/25/09, Wed

MD V3.1, BG V3.3, BL V3.5, GM V3.7