Dr. Dorothy Freidel, Professor, Dept. of Geography and Global Studies


Environmental News Network --

Excellent daily or weekly digest of what's happening in the world regarding the enviroment. I recommend getting a free email subscription.

News releases re 9/2007 IPCC report

General Climatology

Climate Animations from the Univ of Oregon Geography Dept.

U.S. Drought Monitor, present conditions and animations

Animation of North American Polar Jet Stream, Live Data, SF State

NCDC Online Climate Data Directory (free access to data from an .edu email address)

NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center - causes of climate variations

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library -- check out the Map Room

NOAA El Niño-Southern Oscillation Home Page

The Ozone Hole Tour --Univ. of Cambridge, Centre for Atmospheric Science

History and Science of the Ozone Hole over Antarctica, educational modules on concepts of ozone depletion.

NASA TotalOzone Mapping Spectrometer Real Time Data --

Interesting images of ozone concentrations and aerosols, world wide, as of today

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, with useful links

EPA, Ozone Depletion

Western Regional Climate Center, Cornell University

 Alaska Climate Research Center Home Page

Encyclopedia of the Atmosphere, a British offering for both elementary and more advanced readers  

Online Guides --

Instructional Resources in Meteorology, Remote Sensing, and Reading and Interpreting Weather Maps

Cloud Guide --

University of Illinois; Complete guide to different types of clouds, illustrations

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric environment --

a British offering, with both elementary and more advanced definitions and discussions. Includes a special guide for students of global climate change.

Local climate sites:

California Climate Summary -- NOAA site

Climate Data forCalifornia -- and elsewhere, even international

Bay Area office of National Weather Service

Climate of Sonoma County

(Reprint of 1964 document by C. Robert Elford)

Weather, forecasts, images

Unisys Weather -- good source for satellite images, hurricane updates, sea surface temps, loops

Intellicast, WSI Corporation and Photodisc, weather around the world

The Weather Channel

Weather Underground

Univ. of Michigan Weather Underground - Weathernet, weather and satellite images

National Weather Service's Interactive Weather Information Network

Weather Zone, Australia


Weather Phenomena

Extreme Weather and Climate Events. National Climatic Data Center

El Niño 1997-98 and California Precipitation. San Francisco State Univ. Dept. of Geosciences

Hurricane Hunters Home Page - Air Force Reserves weather reconnaissance squad

Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)- weather, conditions, severe & tropical, etc.

NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory -- research on tornadoes, thunderstorms, weather warnings

Global Change and Past Climate

Global Change Research Program

(U.S. Geological Survey--Good source for paleoclimate research, including data sets of current research and records of past climate change. Also includes Arid and Semiarid Regions Research, Cold Regions Research, Interaction of Climate and Hydrologic Systems, and a searchable index.)

Global Change Master Directory

(NASA's comprehensive source of information about satellite and in situ Earth science data, with broad coverage of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, oceans, solid earth, and biosphere.)

PAGES (Past Global Changes) -- One of the core projects of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme--IGBP

CIESIN -- Center for International Earth Science Information Network: Interdisciplinary data sources re humans interactions with the natural environment

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - links to reports, information on IPCC

Center for Global Change Science, MIT - fundamental processes of global change

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

EPA Climate Change web site, calculate your Carbon contribution

Warnings from the Ice. NOVA program from WGBH, Boston

USGS Earthshots -- Satellite Images of Environmental Change

(Check out the break-up of the Filchner Ice Shelf in Antarctica)

Ice Ages Museum - Illinois State Museum, exhibits with good images.

Pew Center: Global Warming Facts and Figures on Climate Change

Global Warming Controversy, skeptics views

Global Warming Information Page - skeptics views, the best I've seen thus far

Open Directory Project, pages on climate change, skeptics views

Climate Change Facts Page -- opposing views of climate change, under-reported media stories

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