Geog 207 Climate Quest, Summer Short Course for High School Students


Global Climate Change -- Past, Present, and Future

FALL 2009
Tuesday and Thursday, 10-11:50
Stevenson 3036 

Dr. Dorothy Freidel, Professor
Department of Geography and Global Studies
Sonoma State University
(707) 664-2314
; STV 3056 office

Course Description: Global climate change in the past, present, and future. The course focuses on evidence of climate change in the past, modern climate variability, and the range of theories and arguments regarding potential climate change in the future. We look at the major controls on climate variability at a range of temporal scales. We study modern research methods that are used to investigate past climate and to model possible climatic trends, such as global warming. Topics include the carbon cycle, solar orbital variations, monsoon variations, greenhouse warming, ozone depletion, El Niño-La Niña and ocean-atmosphere feedbacks. We explore the human role in global change, and the response of the environment to such changes, including effects such as sea level rise, changes in vegetation and fauna, and changes in ocean circulation. Geog 372 is a four unit course. Prerequisite: Geog 204 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.


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