Global Change -- Past, Present, and Future

Geography 372

Fall 2009

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EXERCISE 1 -- WEB RESEARCH (Annotated Bibliography)
(Due Tuesday Sept. 22)
Today we're learning about resources for studying Global Change on the web. In this exercise, I'd like you to try your hand at finding and evaluating information on specific topics on the web. There is a huge amount of scientific material published on a range of topics related to global change on the web. I'd like you to pick one topic, perhaps one of the following suggested topics, and search for six web sites that give you specific information on your chosen topic. Then, for each web site, you should describe and evaluate what is available. Please critique each page, using guidelines as we discussed in class. Check out the Library site on Evaluating Information. Be sure to cite the web site using proper web page referencing form. (All Geog courses are asked to use APA citation style.)You may use the Web Links page for this class, or a regular search engine or both.

Possible topics:

Significant climatic anomalies over past several years, 1998-2008
Extreme weather events (globally) over the past decade
Current status of science of global warming -- how warm is it? Evidence?
Anthropogenic Greenhouse effect, current status, go beyond IPCC
Ozone depletion, Antarctic ozone hole, 1995-2008, Arctic ozone hole?
The Montreal Protocol
Sea surface temperature anomalies, 1995-2008, effects?
El Niño and La Niña, effects worldwide
North Atlantic Deep Water (ocean conveyor) slowing? significance?
Sea ice thinning in Arctic, ice sheet calving in Antarctic, significance?
Climate Modeling -- projections for future? margin of error? parameters?
Kyoto Protocol, current status?
Paleoclimate (Paleoclimate Reconstruction)
Proxy Indicators (of past climate)

Pollen (Palynology)
Paleolakes (Pluvial Lakes)
Tree Rings (Dendrochronology)
Packrat middens
Ice cores
Ocean cores
Glacial landforms

Milankovich Orbital Parameters
Laurentide Ice Sheet, Cordilleran Ice Sheet
Megafauna (extinction, mammoths,etc.)
Missoula floods (catastrophic floods in Washington, Idaho)
Lake Bonneville (where Great Salt Lake is now)
Last Glacial Maximum (LGM)
Eemian (Sangamon -- Penultimate Interglacial)
Wisconsinan (glaciation)
Younger Dryas Event, hemispheric or global?
Little Ice Age
Little Climatic Optimum

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