Exercise 1

Spend some time outdoors this weekend!  Collect 10 rocks out in "the field". Examine your rocks carefully and try to get an assortment.  You may have to go to a few different places.  I don't expect you to know exactly what your rocks are, but try filling in this table below.  Collection location can be, for example "northwest corner SSU".   You may have initial questions about determining crystals versus grains – do they tend to be intergrown?  If so, they are probably crystals.  Grains are packed closely, but not ingrown.  Use a ruler and an estimate of the average crystal or grain size (don't measure every one, just give an estimate – can be less than 0.5 mm (<0.5 mm).  Do you see distinct banding (layers) in the rock?  Finally, decide for yourself whether your rock is an igneous (I), sedimentary (S) or metamorphic (m) rock. 


                                                                      Crystal or                       Edges            Rock

     Collection                  Crystals Grains     Grainsize    Banding       smooth/         Type

#   Location      Color(s)   (Y/N)    (Y/N)         (mm)         (Y/N)         angular       (I, S, M)











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