Nicholas R. Geist                 
Associate Professor of Biology
Sonoma State University

Office: 241 Darwin Hall
Phone: 707.664.3056

Academic Background
BA: Biology, University of California Santa Barbara, 1992
Ph.D.: Zoology, Oregon State University, 1999

Research Interests
Paleobiology and functional morphology of vertebrates, evolution of reproductive behavior in reptiles, evolutionary biology of archosaurs, and western pond turtle (WPT) biology.

My current research focus is directed on fundamental aspects of western pond turtle biology, especially mechanisms of temperature dependent sex determination, population dynamics, and conservation of the species. Other areas of active research include the evolution of reproductive strategies in crocodiles, dinosaurs, and birds, and lung ventilation mechanisms of archosaurs.

Selected Publications
Jones, T. D. and Geist, N. R. In press. Reproductive Biology of Dinosaurs. in The Complete Dinosaur, 2nd ed., edited by. J. Farlow, M. K. Brett-Surman and T. Holtz, Indiana University Press
Ruben, J. A., Jones, T. D., Geist, N. R. 2003. Respiratory and Reproductive Paleophysiology of Dinosaurs and Early Birds. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 76:141-161. pdf
Geist, N. R. 2000. Respiratory Turbinate Function in Birds. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 73:581-589. pdf
Geist, N. R. and Feduccia, A. 2000. Gravity-defying behaviors: Identifying models for protoaves . American Zoologist 40:664-675. pdf
Jones, T. D., Ruben, J. A., Martin, L. D., Kurochkin, E., Feduccia, A., Maderson, P., Hillenius, W. J., Geist, N. R. 2000. Nonavian feathers in a late Triassic archosaur. Science 288:2202-2205. pdf
Ruben, J. A., DalSasso, C., Geist, N. R., Hillenius, W. J., Jones, T. D., Signore, M. 1999. New evidence for pulmonary function and metabolic physiology of theropod dinosaurs. Science 283:514-516. pdf

BIOL 121: Diversity, Structure, and Function
BIOL 224: Human Physiology
BIOL 328: Vertebrate Evolutionary Morphology
BIOL 385: Biology of the Dinosaurs
BIOL 497: Field Herpetology

The Geist Lab and Graduate Students
Rebecca Gordon: TSD in WPT
Zannie Dallara: WPT head-starting
Nicole Karres: WPT diet studies
Andrea Currylow: WPT demographics