Field Experience

Small Mammal Surveys - Bodega Marine Lab and Fairfield Osborne Preserve,
    Sonoma County, CA - 1999

Avian Banding and genetic sample collection - Various locations in California
    with staff from Point Reyes Bird Observatory - 1999

Pallid Bat Telemetry Napa, California, with Mr. Greg Tatarian 1998

Harbor Seal Tagging and Genetic Sample Collection - Point Reyes National

    Sea Shore, California; with Dr. Sarah Allen 1997

Avian Field Biology and Genetic Sampling - Las Joyas Research Station,

    Jalisco, Mexico 1997

Avian banding and genetic sample collection - southern Baja, Mexico;

    with Mr. Borja Mila 1997

Avian banding - Palomarin Field Station, Point Reyes Bird Observatory,

    California, USA 1996-1997

African wild dog genetic sample collection - Kruger National Park, Republic of

    South Africa; with Dr. M.G.L. Mills 1993

African wild dog genetic sample collection - Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

    with Mr. J. Weldon McNutt 1993

Channel Island Fox genetic sample collection - San Clemente Island, California, USA;

    with Mr. Dave Garcelon and Mr. Gary Roemer 1991

Field Assistant for National Park Service, collection of genetic samples for

    coyotes, grey fox, and bobcat - Santa Monica Mountains, California,

    USA, with Mr. Bob Plantrick and Dr. Robert Wayne 1988-1991

African wild dog genetic sample collection - Masai Mara Game Reserve,

    Kenya; with Dr. Pieter Kat and Dr. Todd Fuller 1989

Mongoose, genet, civet, and jackal sample genetic collection - Southern Kenya;

    with Dr. Robert Wayne 1989

Behavioral/Vocalization study of smooth-billed Ani - Osa penninsula, Costa Rica 1988

Small mammal survey for National Park Service - Santa Monica Mountains,

    California, USA 1988