Research in the Girman Lab

Research in the Girman lab generally focuses on the study of population genetics, molecular ecology sociobiology, conservation genetics, and/or systematics in a variety of organisms, primarily vertebrates.

Current Projects
The current projects are conducted both in the Girman lab and in the SSU DNA Analysis Facility. As many projects as possiible are distributed to students to lead in an attempt to maximize student learning opportunities and minimize use of non-student technicians.

Biogeography of the Ants of Madagascar

Led by Natalie MacCallum (Master’s Student) with Brian Fisher and Gary Oullette


Connectivity of Wintering and Breeding Western Grebe Populations

Led by Diana Humple (Master’s Student)


Population Genetic Structure of Western gull (Larus occidentalis) along the Pacific coast

Led By Post Doc Carolina Pickens


Past Projects
Past research projects have included studies of the endangered African wilddog and other Canid species.  These projects resulted from Girman’s Ph.D with Dr. Robert Wayne of the Department of Organismic Biology,Ecology, and Evolution at the University of California Los Angeles.

We have have also conducted research on tropical Rainforest birds from western Africa, and neotropical migratory songbirds (Wilson'swarbler). These projects have been completed through work with Dr. TomSmith and the Center for Tropical Research now at the Department of Organismic Biology,Ecology, and Evolution at the University of California Los Angeles.

Molecular Systematics of the Catharus Thrush Complex:
Implications for the Evolution of Avian Migratory Behavior
led by Diana Outlaw with Gary Voleker & Borja Mila                   PDF

Examination of Brood Parasitism by Cow Birds in Wilson’s Warbler
led by Jennifer Michaud with Tom Garaldi & Nadav Nur             PDF

Molecular Biogeographic History in the Western Toad in California
led by Molly Stephens with H.B. Shaffer

Analysis of the Genetic Structure Among Flyways of the Sharp-shinned Hawk
Led by Joshua Hull                                  PDF

Systematics of the PonerineAnts
led by Gary Oullette with B. Fisher             PDF

Microsatellite Analysisof Russian River Steelhead
led by Kristy Deiner                                PDF