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Spring 2001 Holocaust Lecture Series at
Sonoma State University

Resources and Links

Educational Resources

Holocaust - History and Heroes

Rwanda Information

Other Genocides

Survivor and 2nd Generation sites


Cambodian Genocide

Kosovo Information

War Crimes and Criminals

Holocaust - History and Heroes
Anne Frank
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Auschwitz Jewish Center
Bulgarian Jews
Chiune Sugihara, Rescuer
Concentration Camp Information
Ghetto Fighter's House: Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance
Holocaust Heroes
Holocaust History Project
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
The Holocaust: The American Expereince
Jan Karski Page: A Genuine Holocaust Hero
Jewish Labor Committee and the Anti-Nazi Struggle
Knud Dyby
Nazi and East German Propaganda Page
Nizkor Page
Oscar Schindler
Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Holocaust Shoah Page
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
United States Department of State Holocaust Assets Page
Wannsee Protocol
Women and the Holocaust
Yad Vashem:The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heros' Rememberance Authority

Survivor and Second Generation Pages
Second Generation Holocaust Groups
Second Generation Survivors from Nuremburg
Shoah Foundation
John Steiner

Cambodian Genocide
Cambodian Genocide Program
Cambodian Genocide
(also, see USHMM link below)

Rwanda Information
Map of Rwanda
Rwandan Genocide
Video information: "The Triumph of Evil"
(also, see USHMM link below)

Other Human Rights and Genocide Links
United Nations: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Physicians for Human Rights
Montreal Institute of Genocide and Human Rights Studies
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Institute for the Study of Genocide/Association of Genocide Scholars
Human Rights Watch
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Genocide Watch
The Campaign to End Genocide
USHMM Committee on Conscience web site
Genocide: A definition
Facing History and Ourselves
Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research
Genocide Warning for the Sudan
Holocaust and Genocide Page
Internet resources on Genocide and Mass Killings

Kosovo/a Information
Kosovo/Kosova As Seen, As Told
Crab Grass Organization
Kosovo Rescue/ Relief Efforts
Human Rights Watch

Educational Resources
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)
Amnesty International
The American Eugenics Movement
Evaluating Web Sites
John Steiner's Web Site
Sonoma State University

Photographs/ Maps
Auschwitz/ Birkenau Photographs
Birkenau Photographs/ Maps

War Crimes and War Criminals
Crimes of War
Holocaust: The Trial Adolf Eichmann

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