Sonoma State University
Language Festival 2007
German Program
Cabaret Performance

We are very pleased to augment our traditional Deutsch-Wettbewerb with an exciting multilingual Cabaret event, which gives the different language communities of the Bay Area an opportunity to stage a multitude of creative performances in various languages. Once again, we are hoping to attract both students and faculty who can perform as musicians, dancers, actors, etc. If you and your students would like to be represented in this part of the Language Festival, please send an email to the representative of the SSU Language Clubs, Nick Firestone (firestni(at) Proposals will be evaluated by the SSU Language Clubs who are organizing the cabaret, and candidates will be informed as soon as possible thereafter, if they have been selected to perform. We welcome participation by students of all language levels of language and performance.

A note about performing: We encourage you to present a piece that fits well into a cabaret. We are looking for performances that are lively and that members of the audience who do not understand the language you use will enjoy watching, too. Please consider songs, dances, traditional cabaret numbers, or other kinds of performances that are fun, clearly acted out, and full of energy. We want to see you enjoy your performance! Please note that performances should not exceed 5 minutes in length.

Ideas on how to get your students interested in developing a cabaret proposal and performing:

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February 10, 2007 MG