Sonoma State University
Language Festival 2007
German Program
Poetry Contest

Individual students participate in this part of the contest.  Ask students who are interested in reciting a poem to choose one poem from the lists below. The poems will range from classical nature and love poems to ‘nonsense' texts and contemporary poems on everyday experiences. If you have students who wish to write their own poem, that is great!  Just keep in mind that your level 1-students should recite a minimum of 20 lines, and your level 2-students a minimum of 40 lines. You will need to send me (grobbel(at) the text in German and English by February 17, 2007.

We will project the poem in German and English behind the student so that the audience will be able to read along. Encourage your students to recite the poem as expressively as possible, and not shy away from using gestures that help bring the poem to life. 

Level 1- List of Poems

Andreas Gryphius, "Es ist alles eitel" Joseph von Eichendorff, "Mondnacht" Rainer Maria Rilke, "Der Panther"
Kurt Schwitters, "Kleines Gedicht für große Stotterer" Bertolt Brecht, "Vergnügungen" Ingeborg Bachmann, "Reklame"

Level 2- List of Poems

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, "Der Erlkönig" Clemens Brentano, "Der Spinnerin Nachtlied" Rainer Maria Rilke, "Der Wahnsinn"
Joachim Ringelnatz, "Das Hexenkind" Marie Luise Kaschnitz, "Hiroshima" Ernst Jandl, "etude in f"

Evaluation Criteria

Our judges, Dr. Kate Foley-Beining and Dr. Gabi Schmitz, will evaluate the recital based on

  1. clarity of speech
  2. correct pronunciation
  3. overall quality of delivery.

Suggestions for preparing students to participate in the poetry contest:

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