Sonoma State University
Language Festival 2007
German Program

Role Play Contest

Scene: In the Museum 

Set the scene for your students and have them imagine that they are visiting an art museum in a German-speaking country. Encourage them to have a lively discussion about one of the following pieces of art. The skits/dialogues must be designed and performed by pairs of students who should describe the painting and comment on it.  They will need to speak without any notes.  We will project the image on the wall so that they will be able to point out certain parts of it when they perform the role play.  

The students may also want to imagine the scene depicted in the painting/installation.  What associations and feelings to do they have as a viewer?  How does it speak to them?  Ask your students to be creative in their dialogue about the particular piece of art.  Encourage them to create a witty and funny scene. 

Level 1- The students' performance should last about five minutes. Please ask them to choose one of the following works of art:

Franz Marc Mädchen mit Katze
Gabriele Münter Frühstück der Vögel
Gabriele Münter Meditation
Meret Oppenheim Frühstück in Pelz

Level 2- The students' performance should last between six and ten minutes.  Please have them choose one of the following works of art:

Hans Holbein der Jüngere Bildnis des Danziger Hansekaufmanns Georg Gisze in London
Carl Spitzweg Der arme Poet
Gustav Klimt Tod und Leben
Wassily Kandinsky Composition X

Evaluation Criteria

Our judges, Dr. Kate Foley-Beining and Dr. Gabi Schmitz, will evaluate each pair based on the following criteria:

  1. use of correct grammar
  2. use of correct pronunciation
  3. cultural authenticity of situation performed
  4. creativity of performance and use of props

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December 30, 2006 MG