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Call for papers #37


SSPHS Bulletin - Fall 2005


Letter from the General Secretary, David Ringrose, Dept. of History, UCSD.
(Read it here).

Announcements and Notices (Read them here).


Book Reviews:

Medieval Spain:

Las fiestas en la cultura medieval. Ladero Quesada, Miguel Ángel.
Reviewed by Luis Morera, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) (read it here)

From Heaven to Earth: The Reordering of Castilian Society, 1150-1350. Teófilo F. Ruiz
Reviewed by Anne Marie Wolf, University of Portland (read it here)

Early Modern Spain:

The Duke of Alba. Henry Kamen
Reviewed by Ben Ehlers, University of Georgia (read it here)

A Jewish Renaissance in Fifteenth-Century Spain. Mark D. Meyerson
Reviewed by Brian A. Catlos, University of California, Santa Cruz (read it here)

Power and Gender in Renaissance Spain. Eight Women of the Mendoza Family, 1450-1650. Helen Nader.
Reviewed by Bethany Aram Worzella, Institute of International Studies, Seville (read it here)

The Spacious Word. Cartography, Literature, and Empire in Early Modern Spain. Ricardo Padrón.
Reviewed by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, University of Texas, Austin (read it here)

The New World Inside a Basque Village: The Oiartzun Valley and Its Atlantic Emigrants, 1550-1800. Juan Javier Pescador
Reviewed by Renato Barahona, University of Illinois at Chicago (read it here)

Apogee of Empire: Spain and New Spain in the Age of Charles III, 1759-1789. Stanley J.Stein and Barbara H. Stein
Reviewed by Jesus Cruz, University of Delaware (read it here)

Women, Texts and Authority in the Early Modern Spanish World. Marta V. Vicente and Luis R. Corteguera.
Reviewed by Theresa Ann Smith, North Hollywood (read it here)

Modern Spain:

Fighting Napoleon: Guerrillas, Bandits and Adventurers in Spain, 1808-1814. Charles J. Esdaile
Reviewed by Jason R. Musteen, United States Military Academy (read it here)

Democracy in Modern Spain. Richard Gunther, Jose Ramon Montero and Joan Botella.
Reviewed by Pamela Radcliff, University of California, San Diego (read it here)

The Quest for Survival after Franco: Moderate Francoism and the Slow Journey to the Polls, 1964-1977. Cristina Palomares.
Reviewed by Michael Seidman, University of North Carolina-Wilmington (read it here)

Latin America:

The King's Living Image: The Culture and Politics of Viceregal Power in Colonial Mexico. New World in the Atlantic World. Alejandro Cañeque.
Reviewed by Aurelio Espinosa, Arizona State University (read it here)

Possible Paradises: Basque Emigration to Latin America. Azcona Pastor, José Manuel. trans. Roland Vazquez. & Identity, Culture and Politics in the Basque Diaspora. Gloria P. Totoricagüena
Reviewed by Valerie Herr, University of California at Berkeley (read it here)


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Faith, the Present, and the Historian of Medieval Spain: An Interview with Chris Lowney
by Simon Doubleday, Hofstra University (read it here)

Tracing People in Early Modern Castile: Archives and Approaches
by Linda Martz (read it here)


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Call for papers #37



Abstracts of papers presented at the 2005 annual meeting, Charleston, South Carolina.

Aparicio's Oil: Medical Secrets and Royal Patronage in Sixteenth-Century Spain
by Michele L. Clouse, Ohio University (read it here)

Inheriting a Violent Society: Women, Death, and Power in Early Modern Spain
by Grace E. Coolidge, Grand Valley State University (read it here)

Educating Women: The Position of the Sección Femenina
by Jessica Davidson, James Madison University (read it here)

Sodomy and the Portugese Nobility During the Restoration (1640-1668)
by Francis A. Dutra, University of California, Santa Barbara (read it here)

History and Theory: Modernity and National Identity in Early Nineteenth Century Spain
by Scott Eastman, University of California, Irvine (read it here)

Comradery and Appeasement: King Afonso V and the Portuguese Nobility in the 1450s
by Dr. Ivana Elbl, Trent University (read it here)

The Study of Religious and Political Mestizaje in the First Viceroyalty of Mexico, 1535-1550
by Aurelio Espinosa, Arizona State University (read it here)

The Indies of Knowledge, or the Imaginary Geography of the Discoveries of Gold in Brazil
by Júnia Ferreira Furtado, University of Oregon (read it here)

Criticism and credulity in the historical thought of Ambrosio de Morales
by Katherine van Liere, Calvin College (read it here)

Inquisitorial Ambition: Juan Adam de la Parra and the Patronage of the Count-Duke of Olivares
by Kimberly K. Lynn, Johns Hopkins University (read it here)

Enacting Physical Regeneration: The Foundation of the Real Sociedad Gimnástica Española
by Andrew McFarland, Gettysburg College (read it here)

Women Wearing the Pants?: Female-Headed Households in Eighteenth Century Granada
by Nicole S. Prescott, Stony Brook University

Proving History: Local Tradition, Liturgy, and Counter-Reformation Historiography
by Erin Kathleen Rowe, University of Oregon (read it here)

Rescripting Charles: Shaping the Image of the Emperor through the Transfers of Royal Remains to the Escorial in 1574
by Timothy J. Schmitz, Wofford College (read it here)

The Spanish Habsburgs, Warfare, and the Militant Virgin
by Jeffery A. Schrader, Bowling Green State University (read it here)

Boxer Manuscripts II, Lilly Library, Indiana University:
by George Bryan Souza (read it here)

Exiles for Excellence: Nineteenth-Century Spanish Women Painters in Chaplin's Atelier
by Michelle Swindell, University of Texas at Dallas (read it here)

The Last Exile: 'Guernica' and the Collective Memory of the Spanish Civil War
by Javier R. Tapia, SUNY Binghamton (read it here)

Servitude and Salvation in Velázquez's Supper at Emmaus
by Tanya J. Tiffany, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (read it here)

"Haced que desde niños se den a la virtud y trabajos": The Transcultural History of Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxóchitl
by Peter B. Villella, University of California, Los Angeles (read it here)

Composers, Conservatives, and Culture: Theatrical Reform in Early Twentieth Century Spain
by Clinton D. Young, University of California, San Diego (read it here)

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