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A survey course designed to provide an introduction to the concepts and principles of physics for non science majors. The topics covered include mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism. 
Not recommended for B. S. students. Satisfies GE, category B1 or B3.

PHYS 342

A descriptive, nonmathematical but analytical treatment of the physical properties of light, the camera, telescope, microscope, and laser; holography, mirages, rainbows and the blue sky; colors in flowers, gems, and pigments; human and animal vision and visual perception. Satisfies GE, category B3. (Specific Emphasis in Natural Sciences)



PHYS 210B is the second part of the algebra based introductory physics course. This course is for students majoring in biology, geology, or pre-professional programs. The course includes three hours a week to emphasize course concepts. Topics covered in this class are: electricity and magnetism, wave nature of light and optics. If time permits, we will also cover special relativity and quantum physics.