Pre-Lab Report


W1 (Jan31)


W2 (Feb 7)

Lab 1. EXCEL and Data Studio    

W3 (Feb14)

Lab 2. Waves1; SHM      Pre-Lab1  

W4 (Feb21)

Lab 3. Waves2; Speed of Sound     (Individual Report1) Pre-Lab2  

W5 (Feb28)

Lab 4. Static Electricity Pre-Lab3 Report 1 Due

W6 (Mar 7)

Lab 5. DC Circuits                         (Individual Report2) Pre-Lab4 Worksheet5

W7 (Mar14)

Lab 6. Geometric Optics  Pre_Lab5 Report 2 Due

W8 (Mar21)

Lab 7. Thin Lenses  Pre-Lab6  

W9 (Mar28)

Lab 8. Polarization Pre-Lab7  

W10 (Apr 4)

Lab 9. Diffraction

In the Manual  

W11 (Apr11)

Lab 10. RC Circuit
Read Manuals (Oscilloscope and Function Generator)

In the Manual  

W12 (Apr18)

Spring Break    

W13 (Apr25)

Lab11. Magnetic Field of a Solenoid In the Manual Worksheet

W14 (May 2)

Lab12. Magnetic Field of Helmholtz Coils In the Manual Report 3 Due
W15(May 9) Lab13. Optics Show Pre-Lab  

W16(May 16)

LAB14. Make Up Lab Pre-Lab