Pre-Lab Report


W1 (Jan25)

  No lab this week.    

W2 (Feb1)

  Lab 1. Introduction and EXCEL    

W3 (Feb8)


Lab 2. Waves1; SHM, Data Studio

PL1 Turn in Labnote

W4 (Feb15)

  Lab 3. Waves2; String Standing Wave    

W5 (Feb22)

  Lab 4. Waves3; Speed of Sound    

W6 (Feb29)

  Lab 5. Static Electricity: Charge, Force, Potential, Fields    

W7 (Mar7)

  Lab 6. Electric Resistance and Ohm's Law (Report1)    

W8 (Mar14)

  Spring Break    

W9 (Mar21)

  Lab 7. DC Circuits   Report 1 Due


  Lab 8. Magnetic Field I (Solenoids)    


  Lab 9. Magnetic Field II (Helmholtz Coils) (Report2*)    

W12 (Apr11)

  Lab10. Geometric Optics: Properties of Light    

W13 (Apr18)

  Lab11. Thin Lenses    

W14 (Apr25)

  Lab12. Wave Optics 1; Polarization  
W15(May2)   Lab13. Wave Optics 2; Diffraction   *Report 2 Due
W16(May9)   Lab14. Make Up Lab Prelab Labnote Due