Pre-Lab Report


W1 (Jan27)

No Lab this week!


W2 (Feb 3)

LAB1. Introduction


W3 (Feb10)

LAB2. EXCEL and DATA Studio

No Pre-Lab Lab Note Due

W4 (Feb17)

LAB3.1D Motion: Gravitational Acceleration


W5 (Feb24)

LAB4. Vectors and Force Table Prelab  

W6 (Mar 2)

LAB5. 2D Motion: Projectiles (Report 1) Prelab  

W7 (Mar 9)

LAB6. Newton's Laws of Motion (friction instead) Prelab Report 1 Due

W8 (Mar16)

Spring Break    

W9 (Mar23)

LAB7. LAB6. Newton's Laws of Motion Prelab Report 1 Due


LAB8. Momentum (Report 2) Prelab  

W11(Apr 6)

LAB9. Energy Prelab

W12 (Apr13)

Lap10. Rocket I Prelab Report 2 Due

W13 (Apr20)

Lab10_2. Rocket II Launch   Report 2 Due Extended

W14 (Apr27)

Lab11. Ballistic Pendulum Prelab  
W15(May 4) Lab12. Rotational Motion Prelab Lab Note Due
W16(May11) Make Up Lab Prelab