Dr. Vincent Hoagland

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus


Email: vin.hoagland@sonoma.edu
Home phone: (707) 584-8607

I retired from the chemistry department at the end of the Fall 2002 semester. However, I returned to complete the classes of Dr. Jennifer Whiles Lillig while she was on maternity leave in the Spring 2005 semester.

Areas of Interest: I am trained as a biochemist and most recently taught biochemistry courses, a course covering general, organic and biochemistry for pre-nursing students, human nutrition (in the biology department), and a course called Introduction to Careers in the Health Professions.

For 20 years I was the chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee which is a faculty committee which helps advise students interested in entering a professional graduate program in the health professions after completion of the bachelors degree. The majority of students who deal with the Health Professions Advisory Committee want to become physicians (either allopathic, M.D.'s or osteopathic, D.O.'s), dentists or veterinarians, but advice and support is also provided for the fields of podiatry, optometry, pharmacy and chiropractic medicine. The current chair of this committee is Dr. Murali Pillai.

Recent activities and interests


I spent from November 2003 to October 2004 in the little town of Hohnstorf, Germany. My wife, Margo Bell Hoagland, is a dressage judge, instructor and competitor. After my retirement, we went to Germany which has the highest quality dressage riders and horses in the world for her to learn more from an excellent German trainer. To see more about where we were, check out her trainer’s web site at www.dressurstall.com/index.php?menu=4&lang=2.

I was a bicycle commuter nearly every day in the 33 years that I was on the faculty and have a great love for cycling. I spent much of my time riding 3800 km on my folding Bike Friday on the relatively flat bike paths of Northern Germany. The highlight of my bicycling experience was a 6-day ride from our apartment up the Elbe River on the Elberadweg to Dresden. This was mostly through former East Germany which forced me to use my limited German as many shopkeepers, pension hosts, etc., did not speak English. A PowerPoint show about this trip is Bike Ride to Dresden.ppt and a description of the ride is Elbe to Dresden Bike Ride.doc

Ready to Leave on trip to Dresden

On returning to the USA, I have continued riding my bicycle as much as possible. I will be leading a week-long bike trip in the Bend, Oregon area from June 21 to June 28, 2008. If interested, contact me by email.

I have also been working diligently on maintaining our horse ranch. With the assistance of the chemistry department stockroom technician, Nels Worden, I have restored a post-World War II manure spreader.

Margo and I have also been continuing our study of the German language by taking courses at SRJC. It is very different being on the other side of the classroom.

We have become involved with the effort in Sonoma County to preserve open space www.sonomaopenspace.org/ for agriculture and recreation www.landpaths.org/. We are part of the group that volunteers to patrol the Jacobs Ranch property off Sonoma Mountain Road.

I am available for private tutoring in chemistry at the high school or general chemistry college levels. If interested, contact me by email.


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