December 02, 2005

Stockholm Prize in Criminology

Update. On March 29 the winners of the Stockholm prize were announced. They are John Braithwaite and Friedrich Losel. These individuals were awarded the prize "For their achievements in developing theory and evidence on the prevention of repeat offending...[t]hey will share the prize of one million SEK." Take this link and/or read below to learn more.
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If you have not heard there is yet another award in the field of criminology, this one from Sweden, home of many famous awards. This newly developed award, one with a $150,000 attached to it, is called the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. If you go to the web site you will learn how to nominate a candidate (the nomination time is now), where the award will occur, what the recipient will be doing, and related matters.

The jury that decides who will get the award (co-winners are possible) is certainly distinguished and international in scope. It includes Lolita Aniyar de Castro (Venezuela), David Philip Farrington (UK), Peter Nils Grabosky (Australia), Katalin Gonczol (Hungary), Hans-Jurgen Kerner (Germany), Tiyanjana Maluwa (South Africa), Peter William Neyroud (UK), Joan Petersilia (USA), and Jerzy Sarnecki (Sweden). Co-chairman Lawrence W. Sherman (USA) and Co-chairman Hiroshi Tsutomi (Japan).

It will be of interest to see who is nominated and who wins in light of the award criteria.

This letter arrived on 12.2.05 regarding the meeting:

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce that registration for the
First Annual Stockholm Criminology Symposium is now available on-line at

The Symposium will be held June 15-17 at the University of Stockholm.
Registered participants in the Symposium will be invited to the Nobel Prize Banquet Room at Stockholm City Hall to witness the presentation of the First Stockholm Criminology Prize and the Prize-Winner's Address at 5 pm on June 15.

The Symposium welcomes panels and individual papers submitted on the theme of RECOGNIZING KNOWLEDGE TO REDUCE CRIME AND INJUSTICE.


Lawrence W. Sherman
President, International Society of Criminology

There you have it. The deadline for nominations is April 15th 2006.

Of course another round of nominations and awards has been made. The 2007 award will be granted to two scholars: Alfred Blumstein and Terrie E. Moffitt. Take this link to learn more about them.

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