Roadmap for CDCR

Here is a press release on one of the latest reports on CDCR: a California Roadmap for Reducing Recidivism and Overcrowding. There is link to the full report if you don't want to bother with the press release.

An intriguing idea...creating a 'roadmap' to lead California out of a federal takeover of its prison system. There are lots of concrete measures in this report that could help prevent legal action and actually improve the quality of life in California's beleaguered prison system. Here you have a group of experts who have come up with eleven key ways to reduce recidivism and crowding in the CDCR system.

Here is the list, taken directly from the press release:

Recommendation 1 - Reduce overcrowding in prison facilities.
Recommendation 2 - Enact legislation to expand positive reinforcements for offenders who complete rehabilitation programs and follow the rules.
Recommendation 3 - Select and utilize a risk assessment tool to assess an offender's risk to reoffend.
Recommendation 4 - Determine offender rehabilitation programming based on the results of assessment tools that identify and measure risks and needs.
Recommendation 5 - Create and monitor a behavior management (or case) plan for each offender.
Recommendation 6 - Select and deliver a core set of programs for offenders that cover major offender areas.
Recommendation 7 - Develop systems and procedures to collect and utilize programming process and outcome measures.
Recommendation 8 - Continue to develop and strengthen formal partnerships with community stakeholders.
Recommendation 9 - Modify community based programs to ensure they target the crime patterns of offenders, meet their basic needs upon return, and identify risk factors in their home community.
Recommendation 10 - Engage the community to help reduce likelihood offenders will return to a life of crime.
Recommendation 11 - Develop structured guidelines to respond to technical parole violations, based on risk and seriousness.

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