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As part of your work this semester, you must attend ten events where music plays a prominent part in the event. For each event you are to submit a brief Event Response.


1. At least five of these events must be Music Department concerts scheduled by Center for the Performing Arts. See the SSU Concerts page for a listing of appropriate concerts you may attend; all of these are free to you as an SSU student. (You will need to show your student ID). Note that you can choose to attend only free concerts listed on this page; you are not required to attend events which cost money for this class.

2. At least seven of these events must be scheduled events where you, as a member of the audience, are listening to music being performed for you. The music featured at a concert can be any style of U. S. music (rock, rap, pop, classical, jazz, country, Christian, world--any genre or style is equally acceptable); in fact, the types of concerts should vary. All of the concerts need not be formal--a performance on in the quad or an open mike is also a concert as defined above. I encourage you to attend Associated Students events, off-campus concerts and shows, praise-style or contemporary music-based church services, dances or any other setting which features live music.

3. The remaining three evenst may also be concerts; or they may be be dances, dance performances, church services, plays with musie--any venue where music is found. All events must involve live music with one exception: you may choose to use a movie which you attend in a theater (not at home on video); even though the music is not live, the experience is certainly that of a performance involving an audience.


If the event is a concert, your Response Paper should follow this format:

description of the event

when, where, who performed, what kind of music, what was the music used for, dress of the performers, nature of program provided, etc. Also include information about the audience--who, dress, kind of response (dancing, wild applause, polite clapping, etc.) What about this particular event as a whole stood out in your mind?

for one piece played (the one most memorable to you)

description of the piece---composer, title, when written, instruments used, unless the entire concert is one instrument or one grouping of instruments; genre; characteristics of piece which struck you. (See the How to Listen page for suggestions for writing about music you hear.)

response to the piece and to its performance. Make sure you write responses and not reactions; your feelings about the music are an essential part of your response, but make sure you include facts about the pieces and/or the performance as reasons for your feelings.

For the event that is not a concert, modify the above format in this way:

First, provide the same kind of description of the event. Then describe the general character of the music, being as specific as is appropriate. In your response, describe the role of the music in the total experience, and discuss the quality of the contribution that the music makes to the event as a whole.

DUE DATES: Event Responses may be turned in any time during the semester; however, I urge you NOT to wait until the end of the semester to attend all your concerts! No Event Response Papers will be accepted after the last day of class. PLAN AHEAD!

Submit each Event Response in the body of an e-mail sent to mus270s07@aol.com.


Each Event Response is worth 1% of your grade; 10% of your final grade in the class comes from these papers. Your credit really comes from attending app0ropriate events and responding thoughtfully to them in writing. Response Papers will not receive letter grades; attendance at the events and thoughtful completion your Response Paper as described above will give you full credit.