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Here are listed multi-media resources for your Listening Responses (LR) that are available in the Multi-Media section of the library-tech center.

These resources are to be used only the the library; they should all be on reserve for two hours.

Each link will take you to the list of available resources for that Listening Response.












UNIT 1: Music of Yesterday and Today

class meetings 2/1, 2/6 - Listening Response 1 due 2/13

In class, we have watched a video on the role of Composition and Improvisation in making music and have discussed various types of music making going on now. In your listening this week, you are to explore the world of your own music and its most immediate roots. Your listening for this week should be a mixture of what you typically listen to and selctions from this material.

I could not presume to characterize your music of today. I have her provided listening resources of yesterday's popular music. I include no more recent recordings here--you wil have plenty of access to that music in your own collections or on the Internet.



PHONO 10636 Rock Music: Opus Musicum (excellent compilation of first 15 years)

CD 1380, 1-5 Supernatural fairy tales: the progressive rock era (a huge collection)

CD 991-995 In yo' face! 5 volume history of funk

50's ROCK

PHONO 10077 Double Portrait: Bill Haley and Buddy Holly

PHONO 10023 The Great 28 (Chuck Berry)

CD 554 Little Richard: Rip it up

PHONO 636-38 Elvis' Golden Records

PHONO 9147 Elvis: The Sun Sessions

PHONO 11355 Jerry Lee Lewis: Original Golden Hits

PHONO 6299 Golden Hits of the Everly Brothers

PHONO 11331 Young Blood (Coasters)

PHONO 11724 The Early Years (1958-61) (Produced by Phil Spector)

PHONO 7132 Surfin' Safari (Beach Boys)

60's ROCK

PHONO 6794 Meet the Beatles (first album)

PHONO 6224 Beatles 1962-65

PHONO 4384 Revolver (Beatles)

PHONO 2068 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles)

PHONO 4383 Rubber Soul (Beatles)

CD 1766 Let It Be (Beatles)

CD 1767 Abbey Road (Beatles)

PHONO 6389 The Rolling Stones (first album)

PHONO 7076 Rolling Stones Early Hits volume 1

PHONO 4653 Beggars Banquet (Rolling Stones)

PHONO 4652 Let It Bleed (Rolling Stones)

PHONO 7078 Their Satanic Masters Request

PHONO 1364 Bringing it All Back Home (first Dylan rock album)

PHONO 3374 John Wesley Harding (first Dylan country-rock album)

PHONO 4348 Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel - folk/rock)

PHONO 5130 Songs of Leonard Cohen (folk/rock)

PHONO 1091 Diana Ross and the Supremes (Motown)

PHONO 11813 The Jackson 5 (Motown)

PHONO 10932 Moods of Marvin Gaye (Motown)

PHONO 7001 Gladys Knight and the Pips Greates Hits (Motown)

PHONO 9802 The Temptations's Anthology 10th anniversary special (Motown)

PHONO 9797 Four Tops Anthology (Motown)

PHONO 6438 What love has joined together (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Motown)

PHONO 6309 Where I'm Coming From (Steview Wonder (Motown)

PHONO 6095 "We're Only In It for the Money" (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention)

PHONO 6096 Mothermania the best of the Mothers (Frank Zappa)

PHONO 6044 The Worst of the Mothers (Frank Zappa)

PHONO 5131 The Byrds Greatest Hits

CD 1226 Creedence Clearwater Revival

PHONO 6435 Blood, Sweat and Tears (jazz rock)

PHONO 7200 The Incredible String Band (Indian influences)

70's ROCK

CD 1267 Talkin' Blues: Bob Marley and the Wailers (reggae)

PHONO 10078 The Sex Pistols (punk)

PHONO 7121 Steppenwolf Gold (toward hevay metal)

PHONO 7115 Apocolypse (Mahavishnu orchestra, John McLaughin)

PHONO 8152 Tyranny and Mutation (Blue Oyster Cult) (heavey metal)

PHONO 10220 A Night At Studio 54 (1979) (disco)\

PHONO 9153 Trick Bag (the Meters) (disco)

CD 1540 Dig Your Own Hole (contemporary disco)

CD 1267 Talkin' Blues: Bob Marley and the Wailers (reggae)

CD 1202 D C Jazzy Jeff. He's the DJ I'm the Rapper (hip hop)

CD 1506 Entroducing--D. J. Shadow (rap)

CD 1540 Dig Your Own Hole (contemporary disco)


*VHS 143 Rock and roll the early days

*VHS 2212 Rock and Roll (5 parts--from origins to early 1990's)

VHS 141 That was rock: video of two 1965 shows that featured major artists and groups of the first 15 years

VHS 2538 Woodstock 3 days of Peace and Music: the director's cut (2 parts)

VHS 3290 Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones, Altamont)

VHS 1077 Tommy: the movie

VHS 41 Girl Groups: the story of a sound

VHS 162 The Complete Beatles - a "rockumentary"

VHS 177 Dead Ahead (Grateful Dead concert filmed live 1980)



UNIT 2: Music of Indonesia: Another World

class meetings 2/8, 2/13 - Listening Response 2 due 2/27


CD1586 Gamelan Music of Bali

CD 1595 Kecak: men's chorus in imitation of Gamelan

CD 1681 Balinese Gamelan

CD 1944 Balinese Gamelan

CD 1596 Bamboo Gamelan Music (Bali)

CD 1786 Music of Lou Harrison (US composer--but using gamelan)

PHONO 9731-33 Javanese Court Gamelan

PHONO 4460 The Jasmine Isle

PHONO 4459 Golden Rain

PHONO 6127 Gamelan Semar Pegulanga

PHONO 3765 Music from the Morning of the World


VHS 609 Bali: Mask of Rangda

VHS 957 parts 4 & 5 Music and Dance of Bali and Java


UNIT 3: European Concert Hall

class meetings 2/15, 2/20 - Listening Response 3 due 3/6


CD 139 Schubert Unfinished Symphony

PHONO 392 Berlioz Symphony Fantastique

CD 391 Mendelssohn Orchestral Music (Italian Symphony)

CD 32 Schumann Symphony #3

CD 581 Liszt Les Preludes

CD 160 Brahms Symphony #1

CD 44 Brahms Symphony #3

CD 102 Bruckner Symphony #8

CD 1106 Mahler Symphony #2

CD 21 Mahler Symphony #6

CD 19 Mahler Symphony #9

CD 586 Tchaikovsky Symphony #6

CD 587 Strauss Three Tone Poems

CD 253 Strauss A Heroe's Life


CD 578 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

CD 32 Schumann Piano Concerto

CD 1592 Liszt Piano Concertos

CD 1594 Grieg Piano Concerto

CD 516 Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

PHONO 9546 Brahms Piano Concerto #1


CD 257 Chopin Ballades

CD 590 Liszt Transcendental Etudes


CD 36 Schubert Lieder

OPERAS (all videos)

VHS 371 Verdi Aida


VHS 1457 The Rheingold

VHS 1460 Siegfried

VHS 1458 The Valkyre

VHS 1459 The Twilight of the Gods


VHS 3153 part 6 Schubert: the Young Romantic

VHS 3150 part 4 Liszt at Weimar

VHS 3154 part 1 Vienna: The Waltz City


UNIT 4: US Roots Music: Anglo-American, Afro-American

class meetings 2/22, 2/24 - Listening Response 4 due 3/13

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASS (cassette) call numbers have a phono number following them. The PHONO numbers are for New World Long playing records, which include extensive documentation; the cassettes are library-made copies, without any documentation. Gradually, the entire collection of over 200 records is being reissued on CD's; but there are many valuable recordings not yet reissued. If you see a CASS number followed by a PHONO number, be sure you ask for both the cassette and the record, so you can read the documentation on the recordings. That documentation will be very valuable for writing your Listening Response.


CD 2040 Vol 1, 2, 3 (Vol 4 also good) American Root Music Listen to one of these

PHONO 1091, 1092, 1093 Try to listen to at least one album of this one. This is the collection that was most important to folk musicians in the 1950's.

CASS 2621/PHONO 13009 Vocal Styles and Resoures in Folk Music

CD1147 Roots of the Blues

CASS 2642/ PHONO 13012 That's My Rabbit; My Dog Caught It .

CASS 2588/ PHONO 13025 New England Traditions in Folk Music

CASS 2570/ PHONO 13031 Folk Song Types .

CASS 2621/ PHONO 13009 I'm On My Journey Home

CASS 2585/ PHONO 13022 Southern Folk Vocal & Instrumental Styles

CD1141 Georgia Sea Island Songs

CASS 2643/PHONO 13074Ý Rural & Urban Children's Songs

CD 1180 White Spirituals from the Sacred Harp

CD 1179 The Gospel Ship

PHONO 11275-11276 Stephen Foster Songs


DVD 187 Parts 1, 2 & 3 (4 is good too...) - American Roots Music BEST CHOICE

VHS 1416 Discovering American Folk Music

VHS 2789 parts 1 & 2 History of the Blues

VHS 1620 The Land Where Blues Began

VHS 1415 Discovering Country and Western Music

VHS 2843 Early and Rural Popular Music 1928-35


UNIT 5: Music of West Africa

class meetings 3/1, 3/6 - Listening Response 5 due 3/20


CD 1467 A musical journey through East and West Africa

CD 1469 Central Africa

CD 1111 Drums of Africa (last cut is Cuban)

PHONO 9693 The Soul of Mbira

PHONO 11119 Music of the Rain Forest

PHONO 4325 Anthology of African Music

PHONO 7981 Master Drummer of Ghana


VHS 2559 parts 1-3 Music and Dance of Africa

VHS 1408 Discovering the Music of Africa

VHS 959 parts 2-4 Music and Dance of Africa


PRESENTATIONS 3/8, 3/13, 3/15, 3/20 - JOURNAL I due 3/27


UNIT 6: Jazz: America's Classical Music?

class meetings 3/22, 3/27 - Listening Response 6 due 4/3

Ken Burns PBS Special on Jazz (DVD 18, vol. 1 - 10) is an exceptional exploration of Jazz in Society. Each video except volume 1 is 2 hours in itself.

Older especially valuable resources are PHONO 7152--there are two copies available--or PHONO 10076. These are also surveys, and will give you a perspective on the evolution of jazz. Each of the CASS/PHONO pairs are New World Record surveys of their topic, with superb documentation provided with the PHONO; be sure to check both out--listen to the CASSette, read the documentation on the PHONO.


PHONO 7152 The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz

PHONO 10076 Jazz: Opus Musicum

CASS 4049 Pts. 1-3 Big Band Jazz: from the beginning to the 50's (Smithsonian)

CD 551 Pts. 1-4 Jazz Piano: a Smithsonian Collection

CASS 2558/PHONO 13059 The Style-makers of Jazz 1920's-1940's

CASS 2574/PHONO 13042 Big Bands and Territory Bands of the 1920's

CASS 2565/PHONO 13003 Big Bands and Territory Bands of the 1930's

CASS 2555/PHONO 13036 Small Jazz Groups in the 1930's

CASS 2566/PHONO 13068 Big Bands in the 1940's

CASS 2614/PHONO 13028 Small Jazz Groups of the 50's and early 60's

CASS 2567/PHONO 13002 Avant-garde and Third Stream Jazz

INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS (there are many more)

PHONO 1113-16 The Louis Armstrong Story

PHONO 8802 Fletcher Henderson: 1924-1937

CD 232 The Ellington-Blanton Band

PHONO 10164 Duke Ellington (Time-Life 1978)

CD 1187 Duke Ellington Orchestra

CD 1603 Ella Fitzgerald

PHONO 1988 The Genius of Charlie Parker

CD 1516 Miles Davis Plays Ballads

CD 1434 Jimmy Rushing All Stars

CD 1421 Thelonius Monk Quartet Live at 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival

CD 1618 The Best of John Coltrane



DVD 18 (10 volumes) Ken Burns PBS Special on Jazz

VHS 462 The EAV History of Jazz with Billy Taylor (in class)

VHS 470 Jazz Piano Legends

VHS 949 Trumpet Kings with Wynton Marsalis

VHS 2555 Sousa to Satchmo: Marsalis on the Jazz Band


VHS 828 Celebrating Bird (Charlie Parker)

VHS 461 The Coltrane Legacy

VHS 2914 The Ladies Sing the Blues


UNIT 7: Music of India: The Classical Tradition

class meetings 3/29, 4/3 - Listening Response 7 due 4/19


CD 1505 Laxmi Tewari: Rainbow of Devotional Songs

CD 2138: Laxmi Tewari: Svaranjali

CD 1264 Laxmi Tewari: Indian Classical Vocal music

CD 2009 The Ravi Shankar Collection

CD 3320 Garden of Dreams (Ali Akbar Kahn)

PHONO 1259 Traditional and Classical Music of India

PHONO 3035 Morning and Evening Ragas

PHONO 4030 Ravi Shankar Festival From India

PHONO 5604 Predawn to Sunrise Ragas

PHONO 3366 Classical Music of India

PHONO 8470 The Music of India: North Indian Tabla Drumming


VHS 561 Raga (Shown in class)

VHS 958 parts 1-3 Folk Music and Dance of India

VHS 4737 Indian Classical Music



UNIT 8: European Classical Music: It's Changing Role in Society

class meetings 4/5, 4/17, 4/19, 4/24, 4/26 - Listening Response 8 due 5/1

Listen to five different examples: one from Medieval, one from Renaissance, one from Bach or Handel, one from Haydn or Mozart, and one from Beethoven.

Roots: 1000-1600


Medieval (600-1450)

CD 1358 Norton Anthology Volume I CD 1

CD 773 Perotin

CD 875 French and English Medieval Music

CD 877 Gothic Voices

CD 1358 t. 3-43 various Medieval

CD 788 Guilliame de Machaut Mass

Renaissance (1450-1600)

CD 1359 Norton Anthology: Volume 1 CD 2

CD 1360 Norton Anthology: Volume 1 CD 3

CD 905 Josquin des Prez Mass

CD 591 Palestrina Mass

CD 770 John Dowland (English songs)

CD 1154 Renaissance Recorder Music

CD 340 Medieval and Renaissance Dances

CD 100 The Glory of the Italian Madrigal (no translations)

PHONO 6636-37 Madrigals (with translations)


VHS 3151 pt. 1 Rome: Out of the Darknes


Bach, Handel: early 18 century


CD 87 Bach Brandenburg Concertos (choose 1)

PHONO 11511 Handel Water Music


CD 89 Bach Bm Mass

PHONO 11539 Bach Wachet Auf cantata

CD 3 Handel Messiah

CD 929 Handel The Power of Music


CD 120 Bach Goldberg Variations

CD 247 Bach Well Tempered Clavier (piano)

PHONO 10555 Bach Well Tempered Clavier (harpsichord)

CD 296 Bach Organ music


VHS 3151 part 2 Rome: the Golden Age

VHS 3151 part 3 Rome: The Age of Reason

VHS 3152 part 1 Georgian London: the Italian connection

VHS 3152 part 2 Georgian London: the voice of Britannia


Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven: late 18th, early 19th century


SYPHONIES(listen to one complete, sample others)
CD 32 Haydn Symphonies 88 and 92

CD 202 Haydn Symphonies 94 and 96

CD 106 Haydn Symponies 100 and 104

CD 633 Mozart Symphonies 40 and 41

PHONO 10557 Beethoven The 9 Symphonies (esp. #3, #5, #6)


CD 81 Mozart piano concerto: Cm, K. 491 or Bb K.595

CD 136 Beethoven 5 Piano Concertos


CD 508 Mozart Requiem Mass

CD 241 Beethoven Missa Solemnis


CD 233 Mozart and Haydn String Quartets

CD 1667 Beethoven The Late String Quartets


VHS 3152 pt. 3 Georgian London: The Musical Capital

VHS 836 pt. 1 & 2 Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro (listen to 1st act)

VHS 3150 part 3 Haydn and the Esterhazys

VHS 3152 part 2 Mozart: Dropping the Patron

VHS 3153 part 5 Beethoven: the composer as hero



UNIT 9: Modernism Europe

class meeting 5/1 - Listening Response 9 due 5/10

Listen to examples from both before and after World War II



CD 249 Debussy La Mer (The Sea) & Afternoon of a Faun

CD 144 Ravel Piano Concertos

CD 641 Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

CD 580 Stravinsky The Rite of Spring (ballet)

CD 339, CD 1631 Stravinsky, L'histoire du Soldat

CD 577 Bartok Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste

CD 1640 Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire

CD 28. CD 1631 Berg Violin Concerto


CD 1624 Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time

PHONO 11916 Boulez Le Marteau sans Maitre

PHONO 11471 Stockhausen Gesang der Junglingende

CD 98 Berio Sinfonia

PHONO 3911 copy 2 Penderecki Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

CD 1123 Ligeti Lux Aeterna


VHS 3024 Threads: Music of the 20th Century

VHS 39 Music in Time: Today and Tomorrow

VHS 2870 Bartok, Shostakovich, Lutoslavski

VHS 2871 Post-war Music After the Wake



UNIT 10: American Modernism; Beyond Modernism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

class meetings 5/3, 5/88 - Listening Response 10 due 5/17

Listen to examples from both before and after World War II and to at least one example of minimalism.



CD 168 Ives Songs

PHONO 1785 Ives Orchestral Music, especially The Unanswered Question

PHONO 7263 Ives Symphony #4

CD 39 Copland Billy the Kid

CD 944 Copland's Greatest Hits

CD 1795 Barber Adagio for Strings (with other Barber pieces)

AFTER WORLD II (1945-1965)

CD 455 Harrison Concerto for Violin and Percussion

CD 1102 The Music of Harry Partch

CD 1178 Babbitt: Pilomel

CD 46 Cage: Sonatas and Interludes

PHONO 945 Cage: Aria with Fontana Mix


VHS 460 Charles Ives

VHS 3026 Aaron Copland

VHS 1952 Harry Partch

VHS 1950 John Cage



PHONO 4885 Riley: In C

CD 393 Reich: Early Works

PHONO 9808 Reich: Music for 18 Musicians

CD 1019 Glass: Early pieces


VHS 1949 Phillip Glass

VHS 3025 John Adams, Minimalism and Beyond