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Music 270 Personal Essay #2 You The Musicker

You make music, that is, ;you musick, ;when you choose to listen to sound for the sheer joy of it. In what ways are you a music maker, ;a musicker?


What is your solo listening life like? Do you ever listen with no purpose in mind but to let the music fill your world? When do you listen to music? Where? For what reasons?

What is your sound making solo musicking like&emdash;how do you join in? When you are by yourself, do you sing along with records or radio at home? in the car? in the shower? Do you whistle? Do you drum along with records--or as you walk along?

What about individual activities that include musicking made by listening? Do you use music when studying? cleaning house? running? working out? How does musicking contribute to these activities for you? Do you join with the music&emdash;by singing along or drumming? Do you join the music by linking your movement to the music? Does the music empower what you are doing?


Do you sing along when you are with friends? When? Where? What kind of music?

Does any group important to you ever use music together&emdash;a group of close friends, a team, a crowd watching an event, a church service? What kind of music? What effect does the music have?

Do you dance? When? Where? With one other person or in a group? What kind(s) of music?


Do you now sing in a choir? Have you ever? Do you sing or play an instrument? Do you play alone? with others? for your own enjoyment? for others' enjoyment? professionally? Have you ever studied an instrument or voice? Before this class, have you ever made up your own music?

Using these questions as a point of departure, write a brief (2-3 typed pages) essay describing your experience as a musicker. You do NOT have to answer all the question&emdash;they are points of departure. If you have other musicking activities in your life, bring those into the discussion. Organize the essay around the music making--by listening and/or joining in-- that means the most to you and/or that contributes the most to your everyday life.